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Towards ZERO Irresponsible Drinking

Celebrate Responsibly

In October 2020, the Government passed the Road Transport Act (Amendment) 2020 and the national legal limit of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) permitted was reduced from 0.08% to 0.05%, or 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong stated that these changes were made to be more aligned with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards.


We believe in the importance of partnerships in raising awareness, promoting moderation in consumption, tackling misuse and reducing alcohol-related harm in society.

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned:

Consumers; NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities; Government Agencies and Regulators

One of the best ways we can contribute to society is through our efforts at preventing the harmful use of alcohol. As such, we develop and take part in initiatives to raise awareness on the importance of responsible drinking. This includes promoting moderation in drinking, tackling alcohol misuse and reducing alcohol-related harm in the society such as underage drinking and drink-driving.

For example, we have been spearheading the #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY campaign in Malaysia since 2016, in support of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), a non-profit organisation aimed at reducing irresponsible drinking.

Zero Irresponsible Drinking
Irresponsible Drinking Pledges


A party-goer testing her Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level with the use of a breathalyser, assisted by one of our very own employee ambassadors, at the Genting Starlight Carnival 2022.

Our team of employee ambassadors at the Borneo Music Festival Live 2022 in Kuching.

In conjunction with Global Beer Responsible Day 2022, the #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY campaign saw us recruit and station 25 employee ambassadors at various festivals around Malaysia. Our ambassadors were charged with the responsibility of communicating the importance of safe drinking to our stakeholders present, such as consumers of our beer products. During the events, our ambassadors’ role included highlighting the legal alcohol purchasing age of 21+ to attendees, spreading the awareness on the national legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit of 0.05% (50 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood) and encouraging consumers to get their BAC tested on the spot with our breathalysers.

A total of 40 hours were dedicated to the cause in which we managed to directly engage with a total of 1,893 consumers on preventing the harmful use of alcohol, gained pledges for responsible drinking and also tested their BAC. These engagements have allowed us reach out to more than 10,000 consumers since the inception of the #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY campaign in 2016.

In line with the campaign, we also ensured that our messages were communicated at accessible touchpoints. These various platforms were product packaging, point-of-sales materials including printed or e-flyers, website and social media pages as well as our brand and sponsorship activations.

As an avid supporter of the campaign and other initiatives with the same objectives, Carlsberg Malaysia has been proactively investing in efforts with our partners and consumers by offering incentives. We have collaborated with various parties and offered incentives such as discounted rides in partnership with five e-hailing and chauffeur-on-call service providers. These partners were Grab, Riding Pink, airasia ride, Lailah and Buddy Driver by TREVO. We also collaborated with over 3,000 bars, bistros and restaurants in our effort to fight against drink-driving.


We are in support of healthy consumption of alcohol and other beverages, and we continue to innovate healthier options for our consumers (e.g. low-/no-alcohol or low-sugar options).

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned:
Consumers; Government and Regulators; Investors

As we are a major player in the industry, stakeholders also observe our leadership capabilities in product health impact. We are in support of healthy consumption of alcohol and other beverages, and we believe in continuous innovation in hopes of producing healthier options such as low- or no-alcohol drinks for our consumers, as well as low-sugar options.

As we work towards ZERO Irresponsible
Drinking, our Singapore operations offers alcohol-free beer in two variants
- Carlsberg Alcohol Free Pilsner and Carlsberg Alcohol Free Wheat. This range of products was developed to appeal to occasional beer drinkers who may not be able to consume alcohol because of circumstances that require them to abstain from alcohol consumption. This also caters to consumers who enjoy carbonated soft drinks, and who are looking for more natural and less sweet alternatives to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

In 2022, we also joined hands with industry players to advocate that beer consumers #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY. The campaign was launched in conjunction with Global Beer Responsible Day, and we were able to introduce healthier alternatives to traditional beer to consumers, that is, our alcohol-free brews such as Somersby Apple 0.0. Notably, our campaign reached 18,851 consumers over social media.

As we continue to bring forth newer and healthier products, we also become bolder in our marketing efforts, and are excited to be working with our stakeholders to define the role and positioning of beer in a progressive society.

The introduction of Somersby Apple 0.0, an alcohol-free sparkling fruit drink variant, provides consumers with a positive and liberating choice.


We are committed to being transparent about the ingredients we use in our beverages and the alcohol content in our brews, to enable consumers to make informed decisions about their alcohol consumption.

Information about our products is made available through various consumer touchpoints such as product packaging, our website and social media channels, among others. This is to ensure our consumers can easily access the information they need to make informed decisions before purchasing our products. As can be seen from the pictures, we include the nutritional information of our beverages and clear alcohol content percentages on all our product labels.

As a responsible brewer working towards our target of ZERO Irresponsible Drinking, we have developed a standard set of advisories for all our communications. This includes an advisory warning our consumers not to drink and drive, to #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY and that our alcoholic beverages should only be consumed by those aged 18+ in Singapore and 21+ in Malaysia.

We take the communication of our product information very seriously, and we commit to full transparency, acknowledging that this is not only an obligation that we owe our consumers, but also an essential factor considered by regulators in providing us with the licence to operate.

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned:
Consumers; Government and Regulators; NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities