ZERO Packaging Waste


Our commitment towards reducing, reusing, recycling and rethinking packaging materials in hopes of maximising the sustainable use of resources and materials while minimising waste, to achieve a circular economy.

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned:

Consumers; NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities; Customers

We are committed to ensuring that the materials we use are sustainable and do not harm the environment. This is because excessive and uncontrolled material usage and consumption in production will cause climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Notably, a key ambition that forms part of our TTZAB programme is to have ZERO Packaging Waste. This entails our commitment to ensuring that 100% of our packaging is recyclable, reusable or renewable by 2030.

Material loss management, including collecting used bottles and repurposing them, is a key strategy we employ to achieve zero waste. An initiative that well encapsulates our efforts is Project CarlsBot, launched in November 2022, in collaboration with Ripple Sabah (Sabah Recycling Association). Read more about this initiative in the Case Study in the next page.

We also work closely with our partners to increase the usage of post-consumer recycled material in the production of our packaging such as aluminium cans and glass bottles. Currently, our aluminium cans contain 28% recycled aluminium and 40% of glass cullets are used in the production of our glass bottles. We are also proud to share that we use Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™ environmentally friendly ink on our packaging labels.

Additionally, 100% of all the glass bottles, aluminium cans and corrugated boards, as well as shrink and stretch wraps that are returned to the brewery, are sent for recycling.