Our Sustainability

Our ESG Programme:

Together towards ZERO and Beyond (TTZAB) is an evolution of our previous Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programme, Together towards ZERO (TTZ), which was launched in 2017, and maintains focus on the areas in which the Group has the most material impact.

We are also moving Beyond, by reinforcing our actions towards ZERO and at the same time, strengthening other initiatives to source responsibly, promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, respect human rights, live by our Compass and engage with communities responsibly.

TTZAB is anchored on our purpose and is our response to global and local challenges such as climate change, waste management and anti-bribery and corruption, as well as society’s increasing focus on health and well-being. It is embedded in our overall corporate strategy, because we recognise that our ESG performance can strengthen our overall business performance and Company culture.

As a comprehensive and well-embedded ESG programme, TTZAB enables us to mitigate risks, capture opportunities to brew for a better tomorrow and accomplish our strategic objectives. We will continue delivering on our Together towards ZERO commitments, and we will go Beyond with additional ambitions and targets for 2030 and 2040.

The Group received a Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) ESG ratings of “AA” and rated ‘A’ from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for transparency and action on climate.


TTZAB is a key component of our SAIL’27 strategy with expanded ambitions, where we sharpened our targets and introduced new focus areas, together constituting a holistic ESG program of targets and activities that enable us to address our material ESG topics.

In addition to achieving our ZERO targets, which are categorised into ZERO Carbon Footprint, ZERO Water Waste, ZERO Irresponsible Drinking, and ZERO Accidents Culture, we have now introduced two new priorities, which are ZERO Farming Footprint and ZERO Packaging Waste.

Please refer to the below ESG dashboard to view our TTZAB focus areas, targets and progress.

Our Progress Together Towards Zero and Beyond
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The Carlsberg Malaysia Group’s Board of Directors and Managing Director have oversight of the Group’s sustainability and ESG strategy. They are kept abreast of latest updates and progress by the members of the Risk Management and Sustainability Committee (RMSC). The RMSC is responsible for providing oversight, and assessing and approving the Group’s ESG strategies, priorities, targets, and initiatives.



The Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director, who acts as the Chief Sustainability Officer, leads and drives Sustainability and ESG strategic priorities within the Group and provides progress updates to the RMSC, with the support of the Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability and TTZAB Target Owners.

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