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Our Purpose

Our purpose is rooted in our heritage and in the mentality of our founders, who left a rich legacy that still greatly influences how we run our business today.

Our founders’ pioneering spirit, passion for brewing and proactive contribution to society are what makes us who we are.

We live our purpose every day by focusing on our brands and the art of brewing, exciting our consumers with quality brews that strengthen our identity and pride as a brewer, and by continuously aiming to do better.

Our purpose demonstrated its value in the face of the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. It was impressive to witness the high level of employee engagement and the innovative mindsets at all levels of the organisation to help local communities, support our customers and minimise the impact of the pandemic on our business, while at the same time finding flexible and safe ways of working.

We will continue to live our purpose, as it is key to the successful execution of our strategy and to achieving our ambition of being successful, professional and attractive in our markets.

Introducing our New Strategy: SAIL'27

Carlsberg Group recently launched our company wide’s brand-new strategy, SAIL’27. This strategy was developed as a collaborative, company-wide effort, co-created by over 200 Carlsberg employees from more than 30 different markets and functions.

In developing SAIL’27, we aimed at keeping and sharpening our strong strategic, organisational and financial dynamics while ensuring that our direction-setting was refreshed and that our new strategy reflects expected consumer, customer, societal, regulatory, economic and geopolitical trends and their likely impact on the beer category in terms of both volume and value. As such, SAIL’27 reflects the learnings from the past and assumptions for the future blended together.

In essence, SAIL’27 focuses on five strategic levers – portfolio, geographies, execution, culture and funding the journey – for which we have made distinct strategic choices, defining the focus of our efforts and resource allocation. Our strategic levers and choices should be viewed as an integrated set of activities that together will drive shareholder value.

An evolution of SAIL’22, SAIL’27 is built around our purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow, and our ambition of being the most successful, professional and attractive brewer.

Our business strategy is constantly guided by our global PURPOSE, which is Brewing Today for a Better Tomorrow.

Brewing for a better today & tomorrow

Most successful, professional, and attractive brewer in our markets.

Building on our strengths and accelerating growth