ZERO Water Waste


Our stewardship of water as a resource, and our efforts at ensuring that our business operations do not result in water pollution.

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned:

Government Agencies and Regulators; NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities; Consumers

As a result of climate change, natural resources are depleting day by day, and water shortage has become a global issue. Therefore, we are minded to do more to preserve water, regulate its availability and enhance its quality, so as to ensure longer-term water security – both for our operations and for the community.

Water is naturally an essential resource for beer production, and thus water scarcity poses a business risk to us. We are constantly seeking ways to reduce the amount of water used to produce our beverages, and in our operations.


One key measure we have implemented to reduce water usage is the establishment of an internal water benchmarking process, which assists us in identifying areas where we can reduce our total water usage at our brewery by using less water, recycling, reusing or implementing new technologies.

Through various activities and initiatives, we are proud to share that Carlsberg Malaysia has been able to reduce our water usage year-on-year. In 2022, our newly upgraded Water Treatment Plant, using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, allowed us to recycle 13% of our water loss. This resulted in a reduction of our total water usage of 15%, equivalent to the volume of 36 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


To this end, we would also like to share that we have recently installed a new bottling line which will help to reduce water usage in the bottling process, and that we are also upgrading our existing CIP (Cleaning in Place) plant, which will reduce total water usage during beer processing. The upgraded plant will be operational in 2023.

Zero Water Waste