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We are a global organisation powered by high-performing individuals who bring forth innovative ideas, contribute to the development of our strategies and work together to help our business reach its ambition to be the most successful, professional and attractive brewer.

Pictured from left to right: Mr Nesamurthi Krishnasamy, Ms Sam Zhi Qian, Mr Thomas Cowie, Ms Vera Maria Tibok and Ms Eevon Ngo.


We are proud of our 619 people-strong workforce, hailing from all walks of life. Together, Carlsberg Malaysia Group not only respects, but also embraces a multidisciplinary and multicultural team. As Ms Vera Maria Tibok, our Packaging Process Engineer, aptly shared, “having people from different backgrounds in a workplace enhances perspectives and creativity and boosts innovation”.

Every employee brings something unique and valuable to the table, and in return, we are committed to growing with them throughout their career with us. This is championed by our managers, who “always ensure that no one is left out in voicing their concerns” and have “created a level playing field for everyone to have equal opportunities to advance in their career,” according to Mr Thomas Cowie, our Regulatory Affairs Executive.

We believe that we are indeed making progress. Ms Eevon Ngo, our Sales Executive, recently shared with us that it is very evident how far we have come, as we rethink our historically male-dominated workforce and welcome more female newcomers from different races and age groups.

But it is not just about the people we hire. More than that, it is about fostering a culture that celebrates differences. “The freedom of expression without fear empowers everyone in our Carlsberg family to actively embrace diverse viewpoints,” added Ms Sam Zhi Qian, Marketing Graduate Trainee, who joined us recently.

We also wanted to hear from someone who had been with us for a long time and turned to our Facilities Manager, Mr Nesamurthi Krishnasamy, for his views. Mr Krishnasamy has served Carlsberg Malaysia for 27 years and in his words, we are “moving in the right direction” in terms of our efforts towards a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Mr Jackson Chua, our Key Account Manager based in Singapore, added that he too feels that way, noting our efforts at continually collecting “genuine feedback from employees on their sense of belonging in the Company.”

It means so much to see our employees acknowledging how far we have come, and going forward, we want to do even more.

Every Partner Takes Us Further

We can go further when we go together. As we work towards our ESG aspirations, we acknowledge the organisations that have partnered with us in our journey and offered their encouragement and invaluable expertise, motivating us to brew better for our society.

Carlsberg Malaysia renews its commitment to Climate Governance Malaysia (represented by Dr Kalanithi Nesaretnam - second from left) and UNGCMYB (represented by Ms Shanta Dwarkasing - second from right).

Carlsberg Malaysia’s Managing Director Stefano Clini and Ripple Sabah’s Chairperson Tressie Yap pouring pulverised Carlsberg glass bottles into the lightbox signage to signify the launch of Project CarlsBot.

“Carlsberg Malaysia has been actively engaging with us at various events and programmes since February 2022. Its commitment is a testament of its purpose of Brewing for a Better Today and Tomorrow. We are proud to present Carlsberg Malaysia with the Partnership for the Goals and the Pioneer Sustainable Development Action recognitions under our UNGCMYB Sustainability Performance Awards 2022 for its great work”.

Shanta Helena Dwarkasing, Director of Programmes and SME Centre of Excellence, UN Global Compact Network Malaysia and Brunei (UNGCMYB)

“Carlsberg is well on track in its ESG practices, especially with the six priority areas of ZERO Carbon Footprint, ZERO Farming Footprint, ZERO Packaging Waste, ZERO Water Waste, ZERO Irresponsible Drinking and ZERO Accidents Culture showcased during the launch of Together towards ZERO and Beyond. Climate Governance Malaysia will be following the brewery’s progress in ESG with great interest.”

Dr Kalanithi Nesaretnam, Co-Founder of Climate Governance Malaysia

“We are honoured to be witnessing Carlsberg Malaysia’s progress and advances in providing quality products and services to customers. Carlsberg is committed to innovation and sustainability and is a responsible steward of resources. It brings forth timeless products, celebrates local culture and, most importantly, it embodies both relevance and excellence. We are indeed excited to partner with Carlsberg for Project CarlsBot and we know that our mutual efforts will translate into tangible contributions to Malaysia’s growth and success.”

Ms Tressie Yap, Chairperson of Sabah Recycling Association (Ripple)


We cannot achieve our sustainability ambitions without having our suppliers join us in the journey. We are thankful that they share our mission and the impact that we want to create. As we constantly refine our ESG strategies, our suppliers have worked closely with us to explore solutions and innovate for a better today and tomorrow.

In a recent exchange with our sustainability team, Mr Fabrice Latchoumanin, General Manager of Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Sdn Bhd, noted that Veolia’s partnership with us has been strengthened by shared ambitions of tackling climate change, water scarcity and water inequality issues, as well as a common inclination towards innovation. As quality ingredients are at the heart of our products, we work closely with Veolia for the collection and processing of spent grain, liquid yeast and kieselguhr.

Mr Latchoumanin added that Veolia contributes to our TTZAB efforts by “actively supporting Carlsberg Malaysia’s ‘zero to landfill’ initiatives and valorising its co-products into animal feed ingredients and organic fertilisers”, noting that “this technique has a direct impact on carbon emissions reduction, thus enabling Carlsberg Malaysia to realise its environmental goals through this partnership”. Without Veolia’s efforts, we would be less able to boast of our strides in reducing carbon footprint.

Another supplier of ours is O-IBJC Glass Malaysia, a fervent advocate and partner in providing sustainable glass packaging solutions. Mr Jeffrey Newton, General Manager of O-IBJC Glass Malaysia, shared that they are “glad to join in Carlsberg Malaysia’s cause”. A partner for more than four decades, O-IBJC Glass Malaysia has been with us from the get-go, growing with us and celebrating with us – motivating us towards greater ambitions in providing sustainable packaging solutions.

The protein powder and oil product produced for animal consumption through the bioconversion process from brewery waste with the help of black soldier flies.