Adapting to Climate Change


Our consistent efforts towards the development of strategies to protect against climate-related hazards.

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned: NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities; Government Agencies and Regulators; Investors

As a business, we depend heavily on the availability of natural resources to sustain our operations and thus continue to be at risk from the vast effects of climate change. These include the risk of flooding, drought and air pollution.

To continue to operate, addressing the challenges posed by climate change thus remains our top priority every year.

Climate change stands at the heart of four out of six TTZAB pillars, namely our commitments to ZERO Carbon Footprint, ZERO Farming Footprint, ZERO Packaging Waste and ZERO Water Waste. It is the driving force behind many of our other material matters relating to the environment, which include Waste Management, Sustainable Packaging and Materials and others.

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