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Towards ZERO Accidents Culture

Taking care of our people and contractors is our top priority. We follow stringent safety standards across our operations, and our Life Saving Rules guide us in keeping everyone safe at work, in our breweries, warehouses and offices, on the road and even when working from home.

We work hard to eliminate lost-time accidents as we believe the health and safety of our people remains a fundamental cornerstone of our business sustainability. To achieve this, we engage with everyone – managers, employees, contractors and temporary workers – to play their part by adopting safe behaviours and encouraging others to do so.

Our Health & Safety Policy includes our commitment to create a robust ZERO accidents culture as well as key elements of our approach to managing risks, including our Life Saving Rules, which comprise five important imperatives that all employees, especially those within our Supply Chain operations, are required to always follow.

In 2021, we expanded our training and safe behaviour programmes, and reinforced our Life Saving Rules to target the most serious risks we identified. All our employees, temporary workers and contractors are encouraged to follow the Life Saving Rules at all times and understand that failing to follow the rules will put them in danger.

Through our behaviour-based safety programme, we encourage employees to look out for themselves and each other by training them to spot and report safety risks and unsafe behaviours. We want to empower our people to raise any safety concerns with their colleagues and managers via peer-to-peer observations and feedback on all aspects of safety, reinforced through regular safety walks by site or team leaders.

In 2021, a key initiative in this area was the launch of a robust risk reporting framework that empowers employees to identify the biggest risks, propose solutions to reduce the possibility of mishaps and plan interventions accordingly. Last year, we also introduced quick risk prediction training to alert employees to take extra care during our busiest production season.

All such near-miss and safety concern reports received last year were handled swiftly and effectively and this reduced the possibility of accidents or injuries before they affected our people, operations and business sustainability.

ZERO Lost-time Accidents

In this regard, we are pleased to report that we have once again surpassed our previous safety record, achieving a total of 1,167days without lost-time accidents (LTA) and counting, as of 21 March 2022.


Traffic collisions are among the biggest safety risks for our people, both on public roads and at our sites. All employees and contractors who use company vehicles, including truck drivers and sales, distribution and marketing staff, are required to follow our road traffic safety standards.

We conducted a full-day Practical Safe Driving Training course for 123 sales and marketing colleagues in Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Penang, Ipoh, Kuantan and Malacca. We also held two online sessions on safe driving, which saw 100% participation from the Sales and Marketing team, as well as completed a Group-wide refresher course on the Life Saving Rules.

Working-at-height training for our supply chain employees and a safety walk programme for our Safety Committee were also conducted with 100% participation. We also provided first aid training to our 23 certified first aiders, who are required to undertake refresher courses every two years.

In addition, we introduced a new safety standard specifically related to on-site traffic to protect pedestrians and ensure industrial vehicles are handled safely. This sets out mandatory procedures relating to topics such as traffic flow, loading and unloading, hazardous areas, vehicle towing and emergency situations. Third-party trucks entering our sites must pass an inspection by a specially trained employee.

Throughout the pandemic, all employees in Malaysia worked based on Team A and B shifts to reduce density and risk of infection in the office and sales offices.

Our operations also registered for the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s (MITI) [email protected] initiative with strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the National Security Council (MKN) pursuant to the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

We also enforced strict COVID-19 prevention measures, including bi-weekly on-site swab tests administered by medical officers, which was a control measure more stringent than the SOPs stipulated.
Other on-site prevention measures centred on five key areas – hygiene rules, hand sanitisers, social distancing, face masks and regular disinfection of shared surfaces.

Check out the video below to see the SOPs our employees adhere to!