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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Our mission, and the strategies and practices we undertake to support diversity within the workforce, as we strive towards a workplace where all employees are treated fairly and without discrimination.

The leadership at Carlsberg Malaysia Group places great importance on nurturing a ‘Healthy, Thriving Organisation’, a goal that also falls under our core pillar of Take Care of Tomorrow. To enable such a culture, the significance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) cannot be understated.

A diverse workforce drives a company forward via contributions of fresh ideas, experiences and outlooks. At Carlsberg Malaysia Group, 67% of our leadership team is made up of females.

In walking the talk of promoting an inclusive workplace, the DE&I culture can be seen practised throughout the workforce.

Celebrating diversity at the workplace in conjunction with International Women’s and Men’s Days, to foster inclusion by empowering and supporting each other in an inclusive manner.

Apart from gender, we also constantly monitor representation in terms of race and age, and as a business priority, conduct an annual DE&I survey to track Carlsberg’s progress in our efforts to make the Group a more diverse and inclusive organisation. The results show that we achieved an overall favourable score of 90% in the survey, an additional 5% from 2021’s results. These insights on progress, challenges and improvement areas will serve as a basis for us to define our future DE&I roadmap.

We stand by promoting equal opportunities in our organisation regardless of age, gender, positions or educational backgrounds and have ensured that 100% of our managers have undergone training in Unconscious Bias.

In 2022, we empowered the women in our midst as a WEP (Women’s Empowerment Principles) signatory led by UN Women, and partnered with LeadWomen through Equality@Work Corporate Community. Both these initiatives promoted gender equality and inclusion and has brought our DE&I agenda beyond Carlsberg.

Going forward and in the spirit of fostering a culture of fairness, honesty and kindness, we will be implementing a new initiative known as the Welcome You Culture, where our staff will meet regularly to have candid conversations with one another on DE&I themes, and propose tangible actions.