Meeting the Little Mermard at Welfairytales in WorldExpo 2010, Shanghai

The most famous Danish statue of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale – The Little Mermaid is recognized as one of Denmark’s top tourist attractions in Copenhagen. This fine piece of bronze statue was originally owned by the patron of the arts in Copenhagen, Carl Jacobsen, the son of the famous brewer of Carlsberg – JC Jacobsen.

The Little Mermaid left Copenhagen for Shang- hai as part of the cultural exchange between Denmark and China in support of the world exposition Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Placed at the centre of a large harbour pool in the Danish Pavilion, the Little Mermaid has since become one of the iconic statues of the Expo and has made the Danish Pavilion one of the main attrac- tions of the Expo.

To catch a glimpse of the Little Mermaid and experience the collective concept of welfare and fairytales of Welfairytales, the name of the Danish Pavilion, Carlsberg Malaysia organized a group of 7 press delegates led by MD Soren Ravn, Deputy MD Dato’ Chin Voon Loong and Corporate Communications & CSR Manager Pearl Lai, to the Expo, Shanghai on 13 September 2010.

The Malaysian delegation was treated to a specially arranged guided tour at the Danish Pavilion. The Welfairytales showcases the Danish sustainable lifestyle and cultural activities that are part of a better life for modern city dwellers. Visitors to the pavilion had a up-close admiration of the Little Mermaid and also viewed a special movie about the journey of the Little Mermaid, leaving from Copenhagen harbour on 25 March 2010 for Shanghai.

Shaped like a double spiral with a picnic area on its roof top, the Welfairytales offers visitors the chance to bike around the pavilion, enjoy happy Danish music, study the Danish life through films, images and a fairytale book corner. Being one of the sponsors of the Danish Pavilion, Carlsberg set up beer kiosks at the Little Mermaid viewing deck and picnic area for visitors to savour Carlsberg beer while enjoying the exhibition.

Besides visiting the Danish Pavilion, the delegates were given VIP access to other popular pavilions, namely France, Japan, Spain, Nether- lands, Finland and Malaysia. The experience with Carlsberg at the Expo left the delegates very impressed which led to a memorable experience at the Expo 2010, Shanghai.

The delegation would like to record special thanks to Knud Hedeager Nielsen, Public Affairs Manager of Group Communications, Carlsberg Breweries A/S, Wei Ma, Corporate Affairs & CSR Manager of Carlsberg China and all colleagues at Carlsberg office in Shanghai for making special arrangements at the Expo and arranging market visits for the delegation in the city of Shanghai.


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