Kronenbourg 1664 L’aperitif Fashion Dazzles Guests With Glamourous Flair


Kuala Lumpur, 13 June 2012 – Kronenbourg 1664 L’APERITIF FASHION brings to life the ‘Art of Pleasure’ with another astonishing display of French glamorous influence in Malaysian fashion. The event, laced with artistic allure, acquainted revellers with the brands reinvention of the Happy Hour. Guests and the brand’s iconic ambassadors were treated to an inspiring and creative expression of fashion and the refreshing, crisp and aromatic flavour of Kronenbourg 1664.

A true embodiment of the art de vivre, in other words, “art of living” in France and The Art of Pleasure, Kronenbourg 1664 imbues a philosophy towards life, celebrating good friends, good food, good spirits and good conversation, accented by classic French fashion elements.

The night filled with pure French pizazz opened with a warm welcome note from Soren Raven, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia. “Since the launch of Kronenbourg 1664, it has commanded a premium brand positioning that leverages its quality and celebrates the authentic ‘Art of Pleasure’ with the liberty to savour it your own way. Tonight’s event has been specially crafted to make everyone’s Kronenbourg 1664 experience one that is contemporary, charismatic and spontaneous,” commented Soren.

The Kronenbourg 1664 L’APERITIF FASHION series was conceptualized to offer beer lovers a one-of-its-kind experience during their happy hour get-togethers. Being the champagne of beers, it seemed befitting for Kronenbourg 1664 to introduce its own culture, infused with two synonymously French ways of life – Aperitif, which is a pre-dinner drink culture and fashion.

Creating the perfect platform to support the local Malaysian fashion industry, aspiring and talented local designers are able to showcase their creative conceptions through fashion collaborations with Kronenbourg 1664. Partnering with icons in the industry, Kronenbourg 1664 formed alliances with Prof Dato Jimmy Choo OBE, Andrea Fonseka, Amber Chia, Gillian Hung and Keith Kee to be judges at each designer night where the winner is set to enjoy a mentorship session with Prof Dato Jimmy Choo OBE in London.

Making an arresting impression with the eccentric fashion interpretations that took on the runways, the Kronenbourg 1664 L’APERITIF FASHION series’ third instalment presented the works of two budding and talented designers.

Endy, only 20 years old featured his futuristic collection of block colours perfect for the 21st century. Contemporary and chic, each outfit boasted a seamlessly light, graceful and intriguing mesh of dual tones in straight cut constructions projecting a sense of what the modern nation would look like.

Herane Zera took a completely different approach with a more avant-garde expression. Stylishly outrageous, extravagant and with an almost fairy tale quality, models paraded in ensembles that were sumptuous and eccentric, punctuated with incredible headdresses.

The highlight of course was the Kronenbourg 1664 jacket, of which was collaboration between both fashion stylists. Combining their talents and interpreting the champagne of beers, an elegant red, blue and white landscape wrapped the enigmatic bottle emphasizing the eminent qualities of the beer – contemporary, charismatic and refined.

Amongst the luminaries of the fashion world was Kronenbourg 1664 L’APERITIF FASHION’s key mentor, world-renowned Malaysian-born shoe designer, Tourism Ambassador of Malaysia to UK and a Honorary Doctor of Arts of the De Montfort University and Kronenbourg 1664’s fashion mentor, Dato’ Prof Jimmy Choo, OBE. Joining him were also fashion idols and L’APERITIF FASHION’s brand ambassadors, Andrea Fonseka, Amber Chia, Gillian Hung and Keith Kee who were prepped and ready to appreciate the modern talents from both competing designers.

Josiah Mizukami, ambassador of L'APERITIF FASHION shared, “France has been recognised as a leader of decorative arts and high culture since the 17th century. L'APERITIF FASHION is inspired by one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world and it is a great platform to assist talented local designers to reach a more international level in the fashion scene here in Malaysia.”

An amazing evening that ended in a stylish and exciting after party, Kronenbourg 1664 L’APERITIF FASHION distilled the true essence of “The French Art of Pleasure” and delivered perfectly the French version of Happy Hour.



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