J.C Jacobsen Foundation Hosts Early Christmas Celebration For Underprivileged Kids At Zoo

J.C. Jacobsen Foundation hosts early Christmas celebration for underprivileged kids at Zoo

Hulu Kelang, December 6, 2014 – J.C. Jacobsen Foundation, the charity outreach of Carlsberg Malaysia, continues to pledge its support for the upkeep of “Siti” and “Sibol”, the two Malaysian elephants at Zoo Negara with an annual sponsorship of RM15,000, making the total contribution in the last two decades to RM280,000.

In conjunction with the sponsorship presentation, the Foundation hosted an early Christmas celebration outing for 15 underprivileged kids and four staff from the Shepherd’s Home Charity, Dengkil. 10 volunteers, led by Yeow Pooi Ling representing the J.C. Jacobsen Foundation presented the cash donation to Encik Shahril Shariff, Director of Administration of Zoo Negara at the brand new elephant amphitheatre, located right next to the very famous giant panda conservation centre.

“Shepherd’s Home Charity is one of nine beneficiaries that received a RM10,000 cash contribution from the 2014 Carlsberg Golf Classic Charity Funds. We thought what could be better than treating the children of the home a Christmas outing at the zoo and learning the importance of animal conservation? It is so fulfilling to see the happy faces that the day left a lasting memory to the children,” said Yeow, Manager of J.C. Jacobsen Foundation.

Elephant is an iconic symbol in the history of Carlsberg. Son to the Carlsberg founder Carl Jacobsen built four life size elephants at the Elephant Tower, the most famous building at the Carlsberg brewery site. The elephant is a symbol of loyalty and strength where Carl Jacobsen advocates that the people should work for the country. Remembering the aspiration, J.C. Jacobsen Foundation took over the sponsorship of the two female elephants, Siti and Sibol with annual sponsorship of RM 15,000. 

According to Rosly@Rahmat Ahmat Lana, Deputy President of Malaysian Zoological Society and Chairman of Public Relations of Zoo Negara, Carlsberg Malaysia started to support Zoo Negara in 1986 when it sponsored one female Asian elephant named Amina. “When Amina died in 2001, Carlsberg Malaysia had generously continued the sponsorship by adopting two female Asian elephants, Siti and Sibol,” he said.

“On behalf of Zoo Negara, I would like to thank J.C. Jacobsen Foundation for being one of the loyal sponsors. We hope that J.C. Jacobsen Foundation will always be able to enhance the quality of animals including our endangered local wildlife,” he added. 

The annual cash sponsorship is to subsidise the meals and medical expenses of Sibol and Siti, which are aged 36 and 35 respectively. Their daily food intake is about 300kg of food, which includes fruits like papaya, banana and watermelon. Last year, the elephants were moved to a new “home”, which is bigger in size and has a water feature for the elephants to play. The bigger space also offers more freedom for the elephants to roam and explore.




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