Equipping English Teachers with Training Programme in Support of Education

900 Tamil School English Teachers to Benefit from Training

PETALING JAYA, 15 September 2012 – The English teachers at the Tamil primary schools will benefit to a training program that is aimed to equip them to have flexible approach in teaching English with a holistic view towards life and there must be harmony between academic excellence and soft skills.

The English Essentials Programme, a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by Carlsberg Malaysia is running in its second year after the success of its pilot project in 2011 where it focused on enhancing the usage of the English language as a subject for Tamil school students between 7 to 12 years. In 2011, a series of four trainings were held for teachers and as many as 100,000 English Essentials workbooks were distributed to nearly 300 Tamil schools.

Mr York Spencer, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia in his speech said: “Today marks another milestone for Carlsberg Malaysia in its believe of sharing with the community unconditionally. The English Essentials Programme was a lauding success which we are proud to learn that is has benefitted 500 teachers and as many as 9,000 students in the first year.”

For 2012, six trainings will be held across three regions (North, South and Central) where approximately 900 Tamil school English teachers will be attending. At the first training held at SJK(T) Vivekananda, Jalan Templer saw teachers from nine different schools around Selangor participated in the kick off of the training programme. The training also served as the launch of the programme and witnessed the attendance of Mr M. G. Bala, Headmaster of SRJK(T) Vivekananda.

To commemorate the success of the 2011 programme and the kick off of the 2012 programme, Mr York Spencer presented a special memorabilia of the 11 volumes of English Essentials workbooks distributed in the respective region. The presentation was witnessed by Mr P Sambatham, the speaker for the programme.

“Carlsberg Malaysia’s effort is laudable and is highly regarded by the Indian community because the much need training opportunities for Tamil school teachers is provided timely. The effort of Carlsberg goes a long way to help a community that is left far behind in education. The hope of the Malaysian Indian Community depends upon education and the mover of this goal falls on the shoulder of teachers. Carlsberg’s effort to train these change agents is certainly appreciated and valued,” commented Mr Sambatham after the completion of the first training session.

Carlsberg Malaysia’s commitment to the Indian community has been established for many years. The brewer has been involved in various other CSR efforts which also include the Back to School project which to date has sponsored 8,000 school bags, water tumblers and food containers to Tamil schools students in the rural area.


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