Connor's Appreciation Night, 'Just Made Right'

Stout Porter Delivers Balanced Flavours

KUALA LUMPUR, November 13, 2015 – Not all draught stout originates from the Irish. To some discerning stout lovers, draught stout porter from the British is as good, if not better in taste and younger in personality. The country’s trend-setting Connor’s Stout Porter is original and unique in its own way as it has more to offer. Carlsberg Malaysia hosted an appreciation party at Senja, Saujana Hotel & Resort, to celebrate the encouraging growth post re-launch of Connor’s Stout Porter by showcasing its premium draught’s robustness and versatility in flavours with a tantalising English and Asian cuisine pairing.

Henrik Juel Andersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, said, “The new recipe of Connor’s Stout Porter has received enthusiastic response since its re-launch, resulting in doubled distribution and sales performance in just eight months. It all comes down to the balanced taste and flavourful aroma that our consumers find easy to drink. Just like the original British recipe that inspired the brew, Connor’s Stout Porter is the perfect brew that Just Made Right for every modern man and woman looking to reward themselves after a hard day’s work.

Giving the guests an insight into what’s inside a pint of Connor’s Stout Porter, Carlsberg Malaysia Supply Chain Director David Bidau shared his wealth of knowledge on the beauty of the draught stout, from the superior quality of ingredients to the art of pouring a perfect pint and how to savour the taste of a perfectly-poured draught.

“We’re truly proud of our Connor’s Stout Porter,” said Bidau. “It is inspired by the original recipe from the 1700s, but we have recreated it to suit modern taste buds. Our brewing process uses only premium ingredients, all carefully chosen to bring out the malty flavour, signature bittersweet taste, and roasted undertones. Enjoying a Connor’s draught, in its beautiful silhouette glass, is a sensory experience, including sight, smell and of course, taste. From brewing, to pouring, and to drinking a draught of Connor’s, each act is meant to allow consumers to enjoy the brew at its best,” he added.

With its crisp texture and creamy head, Connor’s Stout Porter was the perfect match for the selection of dishes created exclusively for the night by Senja’s well-acclaimed and award-winning Chef Ryan Arboleda, who has previously worked in Michelin-star restaurants.

“Connor’s Stout Porter has such a distinctive, yet approachable taste that it is a delight to pair with and infuse in food. Tonight’s dishes were wholly-inspired by the very taste, texture, and essence of the brew. As a nod to its origins, I chose to draw from and recreate hearty, traditional English fare for the Connor’s-infused dishes. As for the Asianstyle dishes, I believe they add an unexpected twist to the entire menu, especially given how when paired together with Connor’s, the flavours of both dish and brew are truly enhanced to perfection,” Arboleda said.

The highlights of the menu were the Connor’s Crumbed Goujons, Connor’s Braised Beef Pie, Connor’s Lamb Cigar, and the Cinnamon-sugared Bombolinis with Connor’s Custard filling. Each specially created dish was infused with Connor’s Stout Porter, playing on the brew’s various ingredients to bring out each distinct flavour.

Adding icing to the cake, Malaysian mixology champion and World Class Cocktail Gold medallist Jerald Tsen showcased the brew’s versatility of flavours by concocting four enticing cocktails mixed with a medley of spirits and liqueurs, all with Connor’s Stout Porter as their base. The Cuban Connor’s, Coffee Connor’s, Connor’s Shot and Zesty Connor’s truly emphasised the versatile and refreshing taste that the stout offered, while also pairing well with each of the dishes served through the night.

With Chef Arboleda’s and Tsen’s combined talents and expertise in their respective crafts, guests were truly treated to the ultimate Connor’s experience in a night that was Just Made Right.

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