Carlsbergs Crowned Most Preferred Beer For The 15th Consecutive Year


SHAH ALAM, 28 May 2013 – Carlsberg Malaysia’s unwavering commitment to its consumers has once again netted the Group’s flagship brew the most coveted of titles. For the fifteenth year running, Carlsberg has won gold at the prestigious Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards, defending its position as the most preferred beer in Malaysia. No other alcohol brand to date has ever earned the trust of the nation’s consumers for as many consecutive years since the awards were launched in 1999.

Managing Director Soren Ravn said, “One of the ways to measure the success of a brand is its ability to attract and retain consumers. We have been able to remain the most preferred beer in Malaysia for two reasons. Our rich heritage which resonates with our consumers, across all ages and backgrounds and the unbeatable taste of Carlsberg, which has proven, time and time again to be a favourite among beer drinkers.”

Among the ways which the brand connected with its consumers in a uniquely Carlsberg fashion in the last year, was the brand’s campaign during the Chinese New Year festival. In a celebration of heritage and tradition, Carlsberg rewarded its loyal customers with ang pows and other prizes. In stark contrast to the brand’s reverence of cultural heritage, “Where’s the Party?” has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for party goers. With the location of the party kept a tight secret until the big reveal, the boldness of younger consumers was put to the test by this annual mystery party.

Carlsberg’s sponsorship of sports includes the Maybank Malaysian Open and Carlsberg Golf Classic tournaments as well as last years UEFA EURO cup. The coming Barclay’s Premier League season will see Carlsberg kick-start its role as the League’s official beer partner for three years. Carlsberg fans can expect a truly Carlsberg football experience next season, which will include viewing parties, trips and prizes.

“Drawing on our deep heritage of passion, innovation and entrepreneurship, we are able to build on the trust which we have earned from consumers who have come to know and love the taste and quality of Carlsberg. And in order to continue to deserve the trust placed in us, we will continue to create new and engaging promotions and events which will hopefully strike a chord with new and old consumers.” Ravn added.

In addition to the Trusted Brand Awards, Carlsberg has been voted as Putra Brand Icon for winning gold four years in a row. It is currently the Best Brand for Beer Award in the food and beverage category at the BrandLaureate Awards 2011-2012 and won the Best CSR Initiatives Award at The Edge Billion Ringgit Club Corporate Awards last year.

Carlsberg Malaysia’s premium beer portfolio also includes several of the world’s favourite brands – Kronenbourg 1664 & Blanc (No. 1 in France), Asahi Super Dry (No. 1 in Japan), Corona (No. 1 in Mexico), Budweiser (No. 1 in USA), Fosters (No. 1 in Australia), Becks (No. 1 in Germany), and Hoegaarden (No. 1 Wheat beer in Belgium).