Carlsberg Shows Appreciation To Loyal Consumers


SHAH ALAM, September 12, 2012 – It’s not every day that one simply checks a bottle cap liner and walks away with cash. But if you’re a Carlsberg fan you might just end up like Chin Thim Fah, Leong Weng Wah and Lum Wah Chai who discovered they were among the first to win cash prizes after opening a quart sized Carlsberg as part of the brand’s latest consumer campaign. 

From September 1 till October 25, 2012, Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand is rewarding loyal consumers by giving away RM5 million in cash and kind to lucky Malaysians nationwide. Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, said, “It has been a good year so far for Carlsberg Malaysia and our consumers have played an important part in getting us where we are today. Rewarding them with cash is our way of giving back to our consumers. After all who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash especially with the end of the year drawing near!”

The first winner, Chin Thim Fah, 43, from Ulu Kinta is delighted with the winnings. “I was out with my family and couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered there was a “GL1” on the bottle cap liner. This is the first time I’ve won cash and is thanking my lucky stars for this.

” Leong Weng Wah, 45, from Shah Alam who had decided to meet some sub-contractors for a drink, said he could not have been more surprised at his luck when he discovered he was a winner. “I’ve never won any cash in my life so this was exciting,” he said.

The third winner, Lum Wah Chai, 68, has never won any cash prizes previously and could not believe his luck. “I did not know about the Carlsberg promotion. When the waiter said to look at the bottle cap liner after opening it and I saw that it said “GL2”. I just assumed that the prize was two bottles of Carlsberg Green Label and then I found out I was RM888 richer.”

By purchasing quart sized (640ml) Carlsberg Green Label, consumers can potentially win one of the 10 first place cash prizes of RM8,888 when they find “GL1” on the bottle cap liner. If one finds “GL2” on the bottle cap liner of a quart, there are 100 cash prizes of RM888 each to be won. Find a “GL3” and this will net the lucky finder one of the 1,000 cash prizes of RM88 each. There are also 100,000 “GL4” bottle caps liners each of which can be redeemed for RM8, while consumers who collect 15 “GL5” bottle caps liners can redeem a complementary pint (325ml) of Carlsberg Green Label at participating outlets.

During the promotional period or while stocks last, winners can redeem cash prizes for “GL1” and “GL2” bottle cap liners at redemption centres located throughout Peninsular and East Malaysia. Winners with “GL3”, “GL4” and “GL5” liners can redeem cash or in kind at the participating Carlsberg outlet.

Ravn added, “This campaign cannot get any simpler. If you’re a Carlsberg fan, now is the time to see if you can walk away with cash while you enjoy your favourite beer. Now that calls for a Carlsberg.”

To redeem prizes from Carlsberg, winners can call the following: Johor Bahru at 07-355 5078, Batu Pahat at 07-433 2463, Melaka at 06-282 7709, and Seremban at 06-762 0219. Consumers in East Malaysia can call 088-715 091 for Kota Kinabalu, 089-201 011 for Sandakan, 089-714 986 for Tawau, 082-425 320 for Kuching and 085-417 821 for Miri. For more information on the consumer promotions and other activities, visit or


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