Carlsberg Malaysia Contributes RM45,000 To Malaysian Zoological Society


KUALA LUMPUR, 9 July 2012: Carlsberg Malaysia’s long term commitment to preserve environment has come a long way with the annual sponsorship of maintaining the elephants at the National Zoo. To celebrate its 25th year partnership with the National Zoo, Carlsberg Malaysia pledged its continuous support for another three years with contribution worth RM45, 000.

“Since 1986, Carlsberg Malaysia has been supporting the Malaysian Zoological Society with an annual contribution to upkeep the elephants. We are the proud foster parents of two female Asian elephants. Siti who is 33 years old and Sibol aged 35 years,” said York Spencer, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia during the employee engagement activity ‘Fun Day at Zoo Negara’.

The employees of Carlsberg Malaysia and their children and members of the media were invited to be part of this special occasion. The employees and media came forward to partake in the volunteer program by providing care for the animals which includes exhibit cleaning, food preparation and animal behavioural enrichment activities. The children were entertained with a story telling by the Education Department and after to a contest of drawing Siti and Sibol.

“Today is significant day as we invite the Carlsberg Malaysia families and their children the opportunity to be knowledgeable through the enrichment program on the value of biodiversity, its threats and actions that will conserve wildlife and natural areas. And we hope the public in general would do the same and partake in the volunteer program,” said Spencer.

Carlsberg Malaysia has year to date contributed approximately RM250, 000 to the Malaysian Zoological Society to ensure that elephants at the National Zoo are well conserved and more importantly to continue to boost public awareness on its habitat.

“Since its first year inception, Carlsberg Malaysia has been supportive in its contribution to the National Zoo. They signify a truly responsible organization with their commitment and we hope many more organization would come up to pledge their support as the National Zoo has more than 5000 animals at the exhibit,” said Dr Muhammad Danial Felix, Deputy Director of the Malaysian Zoological Society.

A cake cutting presentation was held to commemorate the 25th year anniversary between Carlsberg Malaysia and Malaysian Zoological Society and preceded with a mock cheque presentation. Wong Xin Yee, 7 years and Nicole Tan, 9 years were winners in the colouring and drawing contest respectively. Both children won themselves a family package at the Sunway Lagoon.


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