Ain’t The Final Rap For MD Soren a.k.a. T-Bone Ortega

Fellow trade partners, key customers and friends of the media took their last opportunity to bid MD Soren farewell at a Farewell and Welcome Party atLuna Bar Kuala Lumpur on 8 June. Besides the common “hello” to MD Henrik and “good bye” to MD Soren, guests and media were surprised with the combustion of back-to-back stage action.

They were welcomed with an array of ice cold beers from the Carlsberg Malaysia portfolio of brands and a live band jazz performance. Soon, a video of the many great “sides” of MD Soren was played then stood four “MD Soren’s” in different outfits – golf, Halloween, Emperor and the lederhosen. Guests were then thrown back after realizing that none on stage were the “real” MD Soren as the “real” one emerged from the hustling and bustling crowd.

After an appreciation speech, MD Soren invited MD Henrik up on stage to introduce himself to the crowd. To officiate the change of guard in Carlsberg Malaysia, the two MD’s filled the legendary “Long Cool Dane”, yard long glass with Carlsberg.

The party then moved on to the launch of three signature cocktails made from the key brand portfolio by Luna Bar’s “Asia’s Most Stylistic Bartender 2011-2013”, Jose Kim Fulgencio. The three cocktails were, Soren Slammer made with Asahi Super Dry, French Kiss made with Kronenbourg 1664 and lastly, the Long Cool Dane made with a mix of none other than the crown jewel, Carlsberg and Somersby Apple Cider.

A toast with the Management team was made with the crowd and appreciation gifts were presented to MD Soren by the owner of Luna Bar and several other guests.

The evening thrill has just begun as guests were served the three cocktails throughout the night while being entertained by the infamous rapping’s of MD Soren; better known with his stage name, T-Bone Ortega. He rapped the Carlsberg Boulder jingle with international beatboxer, Shawn Lee, followed by the Carlsberg Malaysia brands with violinist Dennis Lau, singer Chelsea Ng and beatboxer Koujee. Finally, one last rap with Mr Carlsberg, veteran singer Dato’ Leonard Tan.


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