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Safer Schools

Encouraged by the success of our “Safer Together” initiatives in 2020, we repeated the Safer Schools campaign in 2021. We pledged RM1.6 million to the second consecutive Safer Schools campaign, which aimed to provide a safer learning environment for both teachers and students as physical classes resumed in October 2021.Many parents were still concerned and wary about sending their children back to school as there were no vaccinations for children yet and there was the risk of children catching COVID-19 and passing it on to those at home.

To alleviate these fears and reduce the chances of infection, we initiated a campaign advocating the strict health and safety procedures implemented to fight COVID-19 in a fun and exciting way. The campaign was launched with a catchy Safer Schools song with lyrics in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil. Coupled with simple dance moves, the song could be easily learned and taught by teachers and parents of schoolgoing children – infusing COVID-19 hygiene and protection measures with a sense of fun.

In addition, we upped the ante with sponsorship of contact-free facial recognition infrared thermometers to help schools keep a digital record of attendance and contact tracing and also monitor students’ temperatures upon arrival at the school premises. Moreover, we joined hands with WonderKlean, a CUCKOO Healthy Home brand under CUCKOO International (M) Sdn Bhd, to provide deep cleaning and disinfection services to schools in the event of any report of COVID-19 positive cases made within 48 hours. We will continue to seek opportunities to help the communities around us, and we are grateful that we can do our part as we strive to help those in the present so that they can have a brighter future.

The Group also won the Company of the Year award under the manufacturing of beverages sector at the 6th edition of the Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2021. Our “Safer Schools” campaign, in particular, was named as an exemplary project that provided meaningful intervention and solutions for the communities it sought to assist.