Winning the World Over

SKOL, the third largest selling beer brand in the world, launched its latest extension - SKOL Super, the only beer brewed in Malaysia with 9% alcohol content.

The launch of SKOL Super, available in 325ml bottles and 320ml cans, was to further strengthen Carlsberg Malaysia's leading position in the growing strong beer segment as well as to offer an alternative choice to Malaysian drinkers.

SKOL Super was very well received and widely distributed in more than 2,000 outlets within the first month of its launch.

Internationally, SKOL has won many acclaims, including the coveted Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA), one of the world's top beer events, for its outstanding taste and packaging design. Despite being introduced locally only four years ago, SKOL has captured the hearts of many Malaysian drinkers and is targeted to be the preferred value-for-money beer brand.

About SKOL Super

SKOL Super, golden yellow in colour and with 9% alcohol content, offers a full-bodied flavor and fruity aroma characterictics. It is not only strong in flavor but it is also the highest alcohol content beer brewed in Malaysia.


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