Windfall in Big Red Packets Thrilling Carlsberg Consumers


SHAH ALAM, 17 January 2013 – Who knew a red packet could unleash so much excitement? As a brand that prides itself for staying true to Chinese traditions for the Lunar New Year celebrations, Carlsberg is ringing in the Year of the Snake by spreading prosperity and abundance with the ang pow. But these are no ordinary ang pows as Carlsberg consumers are beginning to discover.

The massive ang pow giveaways are part of a RM6.8 million consumer redemption promotion, making this the biggest Carlsberg Chinese New Year campaign ever

With 756 ang pows up for grabs, the promotion has already put huge smiles on the faces of close to 100 lucky Carlsberg consumers. Since the promotion began on the 24th of December last year, there have been 31 lucky winners of tier one ang pows worth RM11,888 each.

Khoo Siew Bee, 27, picked up a tier one ang pow after opening just one bottle of Carlsberg when she was out with friends in Kuchai Lama. Khoo has insisted that the ang pow be divided between the friends who were with her when she won. She said, “I wouldn’t even know about the promotion if a friend hadn’t told me to check my bottle cap. And since we were all drinking Carlsberg, in true Chinese New Year spirit, the cash should be shared equally.”

Joining Khoo is Chong Chee Haw, 35, who also managed to get an ang pow worth RM11,888. Chong, who says that Carlsberg is his more preferred choice of beer, was enjoying a cold Carlsberg at the comfort of his own home when he discovered that he had won. Chong said, “I am extremely grateful to Carlsberg for such a generous ang pow. This is a great way to start the year.”

Carlsberg, Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand, has also given away 63 tier two ang pows worth RM1,188 each, during its Chinese New Year promotion.

While out in Butterworth, Cheah Ham Chia, 61, was among those who got a tier two ang pow. He jokingly said, “I was out with my friends when I won the ang pow, now we plan to use the cash to buy more Carlsberg and hopefully win the larger tier one ‘ang pow’ worth RM11,888.”

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, said, “The ancient tradition of giving and receiving red packets during Chinese New Year has survived through the centuries for one good reason. Everyone loves getting the ang pow! For Carlsberg, the giving of the ang pow makes this more than a redemption promotion, this is also our opportunity to share good fortune with our consumers for the coming Year of the Snake and to express our gratitude for their loyal support. For this reason, we have also increased the value of the giveaways this year by close to RM2 million.”

Consumers just have to purchase one big (640ml) bottle of Carlsberg or Danish Royal Stout or Asahi Super Dry at food courts, coffee shops, and hawker centres located across Peninsular and East Malaysia to participate in the redemption promotion,. Consumers can check the bottle cap liner to find out what they’ve won.

To redeem the RM11,888 and RM1,188 ang pows, consumers with the ‘CNY1’ or ‘CNY2’ bottle cap liners can call 1800-88-1847 and answer one simple question. Those with ‘CNY3’ and ‘CNY’ bottle caps can redeem their gifts immediately at participating outlets. Consumers who find ‘CNY3’ on the bottle cap liner can redeem a big bottle of Carlsberg, while those who collect six ‘CNY’ bottle cap liners from Carlsberg, Asahi Super Dry or Danish Royal Stout will receive a deck of Chinese New Year themed playing cards that comes in two collectible designs. The Carlsberg redemption promotion will continue until February 24, 2013 or while stocks last.

Carlsberg is not stopping at the redemption promotion to ensure consumers have an auspicious and festive start to the Lunar New Year. Beginning January the Carlsberg ‘Tree of Abundance’ road show, also called the ‘Golden Entourage’, will be travelling to selected locations across Peninsular Malaysia, with eight Fook Gods and lion dance performances. Consumers can expect to win more ang pows and other giveaways at the road show locations.


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