The Toast To Probably The Best Year 2016

Carlsberg wishes consumers the Best of Fortune, Health, Bonus, Luck, Business and Friendship in the Lunar New Year

Year of the Monkey, just another prosperous year? As a beer brand that strives to deliver the finest in everything it does, Carlsberg proposed a toast to Lunar New Year 2016 being “Probably The Best Year” (20一流–堪称最佳新年). Playing on the Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation of the number ‘16’ [Yī Liú] with the Chinese character “一流”, refers to excellence, top notch or simply the best.

At the media launch gala dinner on January 8, a month before the Chinese New Year (CNY), Carlsberg wished everyone an excellent start to the year with the six things that matter the most in life, in hopes it will take form in the best state - best wishes of excellence in Fortune, Health, Bonus, Luck, Business and Friendship.

“Chinese New Year is a festive period that runs through our veins at Carlsberg Malaysia,” Henrik Juel Andersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said in his opening address. “Our flagship brand Carlsberg took inspiration from our marketing campaign of ‘If Carlsberg did…” which was launched in 2015. We reimagined if Carlsberg did Chinese New Year, it would probably be the best year, as superior as Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world. Smartly crowning year 2016 as “Probably The Best Year” it is!” Andersen shared.

Bringing to life the CNY campaign tagline – “Probably The Best Year” (20一流), Carlsberg, for the first time ever launched seven limited edition designs with the seven icons across its cans and big bottles available nationwide during this festive period. Definitely collectable items! It’s also a meaningful way to share a drink which bestows best wishes to family and friends.

To mark the launch of our Chinese New Year campaign, the brand impressed and surprised some 250 guests and members by unveiling a seven-tier limited edition festive cans structure packaged to create a magnificent one-of-a kind Carlsberg Auspicious Bamboo.

Towering at 10 feet height and 8 feet width, the structure even dispensed Carlsberg brews! Each of the seven tiers carried a symbolic meaning, starting with ‘best of Friendship’ as the foundation, ‘best in Business’, ‘best of Luck, ‘best in festive Bonus, ‘best of Health, ‘best of Fortune” and finally topped by ‘Probably The Best Year 2016’ at the peak of the Carlsberg Auspicious Bamboo.

The significance of the Chinese bamboo is found in the way its body sways harmoniously in the breeze whilst firmly rooted in the ground below. In time, even the strongest wind tires itself out, but the bamboo remains standing tall, still, infinitely progressing and developing.

Similar to the spirit of the bamboo, Carlsberg believes that one with a strong state of mind yet versatile in different situations will allow them to enjoy the journey rather than the destination as they strive to the top in year 2016.

With all the goodness and well wishes, guests were further surprised with a Carlsberg brew-infused “yee sang” and fusion dishes specially prepared by Chef James Ho from Ruyi & Lyn, a contemporary Chinese culinary restaurant at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

In conjunction with the CNY campaign, consumers can now strike a ‘big fortune’ with Carlsberg’s nationwide promotion running from now until 29 February 2016. Consumers who collect four crown corks are entitled to redeem RM2 Magnum Voucher and stand a chance to win Magnum Jackpot or redeem Jolly Shandy, depending on location.

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