The Ladies Behind Probably the Best Beer Company in Malaysia


Shah Alam, 3 March 2017 – Carlsberg Malaysia is an established brewer and to us, it is probably the best beer company in the country. When one talks about the beer world, a masculine connotation often comes to mind. As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a great woman. At Carlsberg Malaysia, women play a pivotal role, ensuring a smooth transition in all departments - from the production of beer, product research and development, quality control, marketing to getting the beer into the market. In addition to their equal representation at the work place, Carlsberg Malaysia empowers women at work with its strong culture of diversity and inclusion.

"Work life balance remains a priority at Carlsberg Malaysia. Employees enjoy flexible work arrangements to ensure they see to their personal arrangements. To promote parent-child relationship, nursing rooms have been set up at various locations at the brewery to encourage breast feeding. We believe that a healthy mind and body improves productivity. Manicures, mini spa sessions as well as grooming classes and weekly yoga classes have been organised to ensure our colleagues pause for a moment, recharge and enjoy little daily indulgence," said Felicia Teh, HR Director Carlsberg Malaysia.

In conjunction with the International Women’s Day on 8th March, we spoke to three of our female colleagues who have chosen beer as their profession and who have the power to write their own story.

Yuvaneswari Ramasamy, Senior Executive, Quality Sensory - NPD & Chemical

Yuva had an inexplicable desire in her heart to work for Carlsberg Malaysia as a graduate in Pure Chemistry. Passing by the brewery as a student, she asked her friends how life would be like working at such a dynamic company. Applying to a job ad just by a twist of fate, she was called for an interview the following day. Some people love beer, but how many have a career in tasting beer. Unlike the typical 9-5 job starting one’s day in front of a computer screen, Yuva starts her day tasting water samples and beer. Developing her taste palate over eight years, she is now a sensory tutor and is responsible for selecting and training the tasting panel.

Despite all the negativity surrounding her male dominated job, Yuva has most definitely cultivated the ability to detect a less than perfect beer. With quality of beer at the heart of her job, her patience and good health remains a priority. Her heightened senses are put to the test every day from the water quality of the brewery. Yuva also tests the beer before and after it is packaged to ensure a high-quality brew is pushed into the market.

Work aside, Yuva is a devoted wife who wakes up at 5am every day to prepare breakfast for her husband and in-laws. Living 40 km away, her lunch hour is predominantly used to shop for groceries or see to family affairs.

Lush Ng Loo Shan, Assistant Manager, Channel Development

Youthful vitality – Lush joined Carlsberg Malaysia at the tender age of 21. As a fresh graduate with a degree in Accounting and Finance, she could not foresee her life working in the Big 4 as she did not believe it suited her personality. Taking time off to re-evaluate her career aspirations, she decided to dabble in freelance work involving BAs.

By coincidence, an emblem – an employee of Carlsberg Malaysia who met her on a weekly basis introduced her to the world of National Key Accounts. She took the leap of faith, flash forward 5 years later, she has moved from Sales to Channel marketing. When asked about her experience in a male dominated environment, she believes that the company’s supportive culture has more than aided her career growth.

Prior to joining, Carlsberg Malaysia gave Lush two months off to pursue her personal interest of being a Super Motor GT queen. She went on to Japan as a promotional spokesperson for the World Racing Championship (SuperGT). Apart from the company accommodating personal arrangements, Carlsberg Malaysia rewards and recognises high performing individuals. Due to strong performance, Lush was awarded a sales incentive trip to Japan with VIP hospitality. "If you enjoy your job, you will never work a day in your life, being in the lifestyle industry, we have firsthand experience to amazing parties and entertainment," she said with a smile.

Teoh Hun Lien, Senior Manager, Value Management and Sales Operations

Hun Lien is the iron lady in Sales Department, she plays a pivotal role in driving the sales department agenda. With the ability to influence a sales force of 300 people, the numbers driven lady always strive to stretch goals, execute with speed and of high quality.

When asked how she performs in a male-based team, she laughed it off by saying, "That was the same question posted to me during my job interview 9 years ago, it’s all about the facts and figures but more importantly, it’s standing firm on your principles! In fact, when I present the numbers, the men are prone to go silent."

Hun Lien has persistently driven "sales information" culture by supporting sales team with various sales analytical reports. She is currently involved in highly visible initiatives - leading value management, supporting funding the journey by driving trade spend efficiencies and sales operational expenses efficiencies. Hun Lien is also actively involved in developing the FIT program to ensure excellence in sales execution and LOTUS program to drive Conversion, Upselling and Premiumizing (C.U.P) to deliver higher sales growth.

Apart from her success at work, Hun Lien is a supermom of three. Fortunately, with the support from her family and her three obedient high school children, she is able to strike a balance between her family life and work.


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