Somersby Cider Makes Its Debut In Malaysia

Imported Premium Cider from Sweden, an easy-drinking alternative to beer

Kuala Lumpur, 22 June 2012 - Somersby Apple Cider, a fully imported premium cider from Sweden, was presented by Carlsberg Malaysia at a media launch held at Carcosa Seri Negara amidst a garden party setting. Members of the press in attendance were amongst the first to taste the cider, made from fermented apple juice and natural ingredients.

In the past decade, cider has experienced a dramatic renaissance. Deemed recently by The Guardian, UK, cider is “the new chardonnay” of modern times. Enjoying a steady growth rate in Europe, cider is exceeding expectations and is gaining immense popularity worldwide.

Made from juicy red apples that are fermented to perfection, Somersby Apple Cider, with 4.5% ABV, promises easy drinking refreshment with sparkling bubbles that make every sip an exciting taste experience. A much loved drink amongst cider fans, Somersby is free from any artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings. This new fun beverage is best served over ice as it brings out just the right zest and sweetness with no beer after-taste.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia shared, “Cider is rather new to the Malaysian market. As consumers become more sophisticated in their choices, we feel that Somersby offers a refreshing alternative to beer. Malaysia is the third country in the region, after Singapore and Hong Kong, to launch Somersby Apple cider, a flagship cider brand owned by the Carlsberg Group.”

Unlike most brands that portray a more serious image, Somersby’s light-hearted, quirky and entertaining disposition brings fun, laughter and unpredictable moments to consumers.

With its modern persona and unisex appeal, both men and women who are open-minded, sociable, young at heart, experimental, and who are adventurous with new food and beverages are those most likely to drink Somersby Apple Cider.

“Somersby Apple Cider is perfect to enjoy during brunch, in the hot afternoons or as a happy hour drink. It is an easy drinking alternative to beer which you can enjoy with colleagues after work, at a café with good friends or even at lunch time. Basically, because of its sweet and refreshing fruity taste, there is no limitation or definitive time to enjoy a Somersby Apple cider, it is the perfect alcoholic beverage around the clock,” added Ravn. The launch of Somersby Apple Cider today was designed to bring to life the persona of the brand and acquaint everyone with its iconic and charming host – Lord Somersby. Obtaining a reputation for spreading joy and sunny togetherness where ever it is served, it seemed only proper for the event to take place in a charming garden setting.

Lord Somersby, who is an eccentric, quirky, loveable and full life character, made his debut in Malaysia to kick-off the Somersby cider launch campaign. To create curiosity and build hype towards the arrival of Somersby Cider, a teaser initiative that showcased a viral video of Lord Somersby buying red apples around town was seeded to bloggers and the media.

Following the release of the video, the ‘Grow an Apple Tree’ project took-off on Facebook and fans are now able to help grow a virtual apple tree. A vast digital installation featuring the live-feed of the ‘Grow an Apple Tree’ project has also been set-up on Pavillion grounds where passers-by are exposed to the on-going online engagement; garnering more exposure for the brand.

With more planned activities targeted for consumers to interact with the brand, Somersby Apple Cider is set to make its mark in the Malaysian market.

Available in 330ml bottles at selected bars and restaurants and packs of four in hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide, cider fans can now enjoy the crisp refreshing taste of Somersby Apple cider anytime, anywhere. For more information about Somersby Cider, log onto


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