Somersby Apple Cider launches its exciting new Brunch Club

Expect the unexpected with the most exciting cider in town

Kuala Lumpur, 16 December 2012 - Somersby Apple Cider has introduced an exciting new Brunch Club to cider lovers in Malaysia. The new Somersby Apple Cider Brunch Club is a platform for cider enthusiasts and fans to come together and be entertained by unexpected pleasures on a lazy Sunday afternoon where there is always a twist lurking around the corner. This is the first and one-of-its-kind club here in Malaysia.

A beverage that can be enjoyed, anywhere and anytime of the day, Somersby Apple Cider dares its fans to be open-minded and challenge the norms of daily lives. Consumers are encouraged to prepare for refreshingly wicked experiences at each of this Somersby Brunch Club get-together where different encounters take place every time.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said, “This brunch club is the ideal setting to meet cider drinkers and new comers while having fun together. We learn more about our consumer and this way; the brand can then offer more unexpected experiences. It will be an exciting adventure to further showcase what the brand has to offer and see its development into becoming the No.1 cider in Malaysia come 2013.”

The inaugural brunch kicked off with unassuming guests pleasantly surprised by a decked up café, unlike its usual Sunday set-up. The entire atmosphere was enhanced to represent the exciting musings of Somersby Apple Cider while a host of games were lined up to keep guests entertained throughout the afternoon. Newbies also welcomed their first sips of the sweet and refreshing taste of Somersby Apple Cider with anticipation as brand ambassadors went around handing out samples.

The curtain finally dropped as a surprise kitchen musical by Jeremy Teo of Red FM and Chelsia Ng added that special twist to a typical Sunday afternoon. Chelsia’s melodic voice and Jeremy’s charming personality had audiences balling over in laughter leaving guests at the edge of their seats and handing out a raucous of applause at the end. It was truly an outstanding episode that left guests with an unforgettable impression of their weekend.

Fans of Somersby Apple Cider will be every excited to know that this series will continue to grow, evolve and be the talk of the town. To keep updated with the next wicked experience, log onto


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