Soaring Into The Year Of The Dragon With Carlsberg

KUALA LUMPUR, 5th January 2012: In the true spirit of Chinese traditions, Carlsberg Malaysia welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a celebration befitting the auspicious occasion and the legendary creature of the year, revered for its strength, vitality and power.

Held at the historic Thean Hou temple, Carlsberg’s launch of its Chinese New Year (CNY) national campaign this year was commemorated with the first-of-its-kind green ‘Flying Dragon’ that was specially designed to ignite vitality and bring prosperity in conjunction with the Year of the Dragon celebration. Measuring 118 feet in length, Carlsberg’s magnificent green ‘Flying Dragon’ took flight at the resounding Chinese cymbals and traditional drums, after the appearance of eight Fook Gods, a joint performance of eight lions and a dragon dance

The customised green ‘Flying Dragon’ is a symbolic invitation to consumers to embrace the Year of the Dragon with courage and vitality, and soar to greater heights.

Carlsberg’s 2012 CNY tagline ‚Welcome the new year with the vigour of the dragon for an endless flow of prosperity‛ is complemented with a unique artistic creation of a dragon formed by hundreds of green Carlsberg bottles. The dragon, which features in the brand’s marketing campaign, comes complete with a pearl in its mouth, symbolising wealth, good luck, and prosperity in Chinese mythology.

Renowned international feng shui guru, Lillian Too, has given her endorsement of Carlsberg’s green dragon and said ‚It symbolises auspiciousness, courage, vitality, strength and brings an abundance of good fortune in the year 2012.‛

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said, ‚Each year, the lunar new year celebrations give Carlsberg Malaysia a great opportunity to showcase to our Chinese consumers our appreciation of the community’s time-old cultural traditions. This explains the selection of the famous landmark, Thean Hou temple, as our venue to kick off the celebration in such an auspicious and harmonious environment.‛

‚The Chinese also consider the dragon a strong, fearless and confident animal, which makes Carlsberg’s choice of the ‘Flying Dragon’ a fitting gesture to encourage our consumers to aim high in everything that touches their lives in the Year of the Dragon. Together with the Fook Gods, we wish to spread an abundance of vitality and happiness among our consumers across the country, with the hope that all will achieve good fortune in the years ahead.‛

To add to the festivities, Carlsberg also presented a 15-feet tall giant dragon statue to complement the ‘Flying Dragon’. This one-of-its-kind majestic dragon statue is another symbolic representation of abundance and wealth. Pearl-like balls containing New Year messages will be released when one’s hand is placed inside the dragon’s mouth.

Ravn added, ‚Nothing makes a Carlsberg taste better than when shared in the spirit of togetherness. ‘That truly calls for a Carlsberg’ rings true especially during the CNY celebration which is an ideal time for reunions and gatherings. As the most preferred beer in Malaysia, Carlsberg is honoured to be a part of these happy occasions and moments. On the CSR contribution towards the Chinese community, Carlsberg Malaysia has, through its few fund raising projects, accumulated charity funds of RM409million for the development of Chinese schools and institutions.‛

Inspired by the legendary creature, the rewarding prizes from Carlsberg’s CNY RM4,888,888 redemption promotion include eight pieces of pure 999 gold Dragon Sculptures worth RM9,999 each. Each Dragon Sculpture carries a ball symbolising the ‚pearl of power‛.

Among the other promotional gifts are 888 pieces of pure 999 gold pendants worth RM999 each as well as 688,888 bottles of limited edition Carlsberg Gold pints that come in a special festive packaging for the CNY celebration. This Carlsberg promotion is available from now until 6th February 2012 or while stocks last.

In the coming weeks, the country’s most preferred beer, Carlsberg will spread vitality and prosperity to consumers through its road shows covering key regional markets in Peninsular Malaysia. The road shows will include the appearance of the ‘Flying Dragon’, the giant dragon statue, Fook Gods and lion dance performances at the following locations : ( view attachments )



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