Prost! Revelers Bring Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest To A Hearty End

Prost! Revelers bring Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest to a hearty end

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 October 2013 – After travelling across Peninsular Malaysia on a quest to bring the Bavarian festival of Oktoberfest to as many fans and consumers as possible, Carlsberg Malaysia finally draws the merriment to a hearty close with a bang of epic proportions.

The brewer’s Oktoberfest finale was held at the choice location of the Old Wing outdoor car park of 1Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya with non-stop excitement from the moment the ceremonial keg was tapped by Carlsberg Malaysia Managing Director Henrik Juel Andersen in front of throngs of party people.

No throats were left dry as Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand, Carlsberg and three imported Bavarian beer brands Erdinger, Franziskaner and Lowenbrau were served icy cold in limited edition ‘stein’ that customers could take home to add to their existing collection of mugs from previous Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest celebrations.

Flown in from Germany, a six-person Oktoberfest Oom-Pa-Pah band belted out traditional Germanic folksongs and contemporary favourites. Taking centre stage was a mega-sized alpine horn from Germany, quite hard to miss when its 12 feet long, which served to further delight the crowd present. Acclaimed as the first-of-its kind in Malaysia, the Carlsberg long horn made it into the Malaysian Book of Records as the ‘Longest Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest Long Horn’ present in an Oktoberfest event. Kudos to Carlsberg for going beyond the expected as usual!

No Oktoberfest party would be complete without the friendly Carlsberg Dirndl girls decked out in traditional Bavarian outfits and ever ready to top up dwindling steins of the revellers. They were irresistible and soon had the braver, more spontaneous party revellers on their feet taking part in the must-see-to-believe ‘chicken dance’ and a bunch of other fun activities, such as our Facebook activities, Snap & Prost!, Shout Out Loud and Drindl Girl Search where they stand a chance to win free rounds of Carlsberg beer and attractive giveaways.

Henrik said, “What a wonderful way to end this iconic Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest beer festival with a closing party of this size for our consumers. This is another great opportunity to share an experience as authentic as they come. After all Oktoberfest is about bringing people together in the spirit of good cheer and good beer, while enjoying good food and music. Prost!”

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