Probably The Best Festive Cans

Carlsberg wishes consumers the Best of Fortune, Health, Bonus, Luck, Business and Friendship with its limited edition Festive Cans

2016 – Probably the Best Year (20一流–堪称最佳新年). Playing on the Chinese pronunciation 16’ [Yī Liú 一流, the Chinese character refers to excellence or simply the best, further reinforcing Carlsberg brand’s tagline – Probably the Best Beer in the World. Of course Carlsberg upped the ante this year by releasing seven limited edition cans containing auspicious icons and greeting messages for the first time ever to loyal consumers.

The limited edition can features a contemporary graphic design infused with traditional festive elements, making it one-of-a-kind. What a meaningful way to share a Carlsberg this Chinese New Year with festive cans that bestow best wishes to family and friends with seven icons (Probably the Best Year, Fortune, Health, Bonus, Luck, Business and Friendship). Did we mention these are collectables items?

Hoping for a bigger bonus pay-out this year? One must get hold of the Carlsberg can with Chinese gold coins printed on it as it may just bring you a big ‘bonus’ “angpau”.

Better luck next time? Why wait when you can get your lucky streak from the Carlsberg can printed with mandarin oranges that depict the icon ‘luck’! 

All you want this CNY is good health? Collect the Carlsberg can with two longevity peaches that symbolizes good ‘health’.

Wishing for good fortune to flow into your life? The double coil fish illustrates bountiful ‘fortune’ in year 2016.

Aiming for a fruitful business endeavors? The gold ingot’s elegant detailing on Carlsberg can carries auspicious chi and is bound to grant its beholder prosperity in ‘business’.

Looking for a perfect gift to express your love for your family and friends? The icon of ‘friendship’ on Carlsberg can makes bonds grow stronger than ever especially during the festive season.

These festive Carlsberg Chinese New Year cans are now available in selected outlets nationwide for a limited time only.



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