Probably The Best Discovery Trip of Carlsberg

Beer lovers celebrated Carlsberg’s 170th anniversary in Copenhagen, Denmark

Shah Alam, 8 September 2017 – To mark the 170th years of beer discoveries, Carlsberg hosted beer lovers from all over the world to experience the impact it has had on the world of brewing and on its homeland, Copenhagen. An entourage of 32 Malaysians joined the global anniversary celebration with iconic landmarks sightseeing, art exhibitions, beer-infused food dinning, special beer tastings, visits to castles and museum, walks around the home of Carlsberg founder J.C. Jacobsen, culminating to the climax of the week with Probably The Best Street Party in The World at the Old Carlsberg Road.

The Malaysian entourage, comprised of grand prize winners of Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Brewery Tour contest and their partners, together with 10-year long service employees of Carlsberg Malaysia and their spouses, were given the privileged to set foot on the normally restricted areas of historical Carlsberg grounds and treated with exclusive ex-beer-ience where beers meet arts and science. 

The entourage indulged in a unique Nordic cuisine served only with ingredients used in beer brewing prepared by head chef of the Carlsberg Museum in collaboration with experts from the Carlsberg Research Centre. The group visited Carlsberg Laboratory where they were briefed on how Carlsberg revolutionized the entire brewing industry improving quality through science. Before talking a stroll at J.C. Jacobsen’s family villa, they also visited the ‘Streets of the World’ photo exhibition by photojournalist Jeroen Swolfs at the Carlsberg’s old brewhouse and had special taste tasting of three types of Jacobsen brews at the Carlsberg cellars.

Visits to the New Carlsberg Glyptotek, a fine-arts museum with antique sculptures and art collections donated by Carlsberg; the Frederiksborg Castle, which launched an exhibition dedicated to J.C. Jacobsen, his son Carl Jacobsen and his contemporaries who were all part of the so-called Golden Age of Copenhagen as well as the most photographed Little Mermaid on Langelinie Promenade, donated by Carl Jacobsen, were probably the best discoveries of Carlsberg’s footprints in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

Contest winner Dr. Vijay Kumar A/L Nanta Kumar, a doctor from Sungai Petani shared: “This is an amazing trip as I admired the innovative scientific works around Carlsberg beer. Learning from the researcher at the Carlsberg Laboratory on Carlsberg’s efforts in sustainable brewing, I now have a better understanding of the natural ingredients and appreciation towards the quality of a Carlsberg beer”.

Dr. Vijay Kumar, won the trip from enjoying a Carlsberg Smooth Draught with his fellow co-worker cum friend, whom he brought along on the trip were fascinated by the brewing chemistry, technology and quality, particularly on the research to improve the use of raw materials - barley strains, hops and yeast strains.

Another contest winner from Klang Valley Mr. Wong Nai Koon who took his wife on the trip said: “This is probably the first overseas trip we have had since our honeymoon holidays 20 years ago. It was wonderful to know how a Carlsberg beer I drink regularly has such rich heritage in beer brewing and significant footprints in Copenhagen. My wife and I can’t thank Carlsberg enough for treating us this memorable VIP ex-beer-ience”.

“It was a remarkable trip for me and my god sister as this so-called Probably the Best Brewery Tour to Copenhagen has definitely exceeded our expectations! Besides getting to know Carlsberg beer much better and visiting those iconic landmarks contributed by Carlsberg, I am very impressed of the scientific and philanthropic contributions made by Carlsberg founder J.C. Jacobsen. My drinking experience of a Carlsberg beer back home would never be the same again. A glass of Carlsberg beer is more than beer but J.C. Jacobsen’s passion for brewing and the society”, Yap Pui Yee, god sister of a contest winner Shiu Siew Wah, who also celebrated her birthday in conjunction with the trip.

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Malaysian entourage posing for group picture at the iconic Carlsberg Elephant Gate for memories.

Visit to the Frederiksborg Castle that is running an exhibition dedicated to J.C. Jacobsen during the so-called Golden Age of Copenhagen.

(from left) Contest winner Dr. Vijay Kumar A/L Nanta Kumar and his buddy Aaron Phuah enjoying the special edition 170th anniversary brew Carlsberg 1883.

(from right) Contest winner Mr. Wong Nai Koon and his wife enjoying their 2nd honeymoon, first European trip post 20 years of beautiful marriage.

(from right) Contest Winner Shiu Siew Wah with godsister Yap Pui Yee posed in front of the famous Little Mermaid by the Langelinie Promenade.

(from right) Contest Winner Shiu Siew Wah with godsister Yap Pui Yee posed in front of the famous Little Mermaid by the Langelinie Promenade.

Probably the Best Brewery Tour group photo in front of the Carlsberg City miniature at Carlsberg Museum.

Probably The Best Nordic luncheon served only with ingredients used in beer brewing at the Carlsberg Museum.

(from right) Contest winner Sam Yoong Fei brought along his grandmother on Probably The Best Brewery Tour to Copenhagen.