Over RM19 Million Education Funds Accumulated For 12 Chinese Schools

Over RM19 million education funds accumulated for 12 Chinese schools

Shah Alam, 27 November 2016 — Building on its stellar track records in the past 29 years, Top Ten Charity Campaign (Top Ten), completed the year with another successful fund-raising collection of over RM19 million in support of the development for 12 Chinese vernacular schools.

The flagship community engagement project of Carlsberg Malaysia, Top Ten was held in collaboration with two Chinese dailies when carrying out its fund-raising mission from July to October across the big cities and small towns in Petaling Jaya, Cheras, Seremban 2, Port Dickson, Malacca, Taiping, Pantai Remis, Yong Peng, Kuantan and Skudai.

Highly regarded as a transparent and effective fund-raising platform, Top Ten continues to be the only record holder of the "Longest Running Chinese Charity Show" and the “Highest Funds Raised through Chinese Charity Shows" in the Malaysia Book of Records. With the relentless support and generous donation from members of the public, it has todate successfully accumulated a total charity funds of over RM450 million in support of 625 Chinese schools and educational institutions.

“Carlsberg Malaysia believes in engaging and supporting the communities where we operate. While the unfavourable macroeconomics had made the fund raising drive tougher this year, we stayed committed towards our mission in helping the participating schools to raise funds and provided a robust charity campaign with greater publicity and entertainment”, Henrik Juel Andersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia commented while delivering speech at one of the charity concerts held in Cheras.

“We would like to thank the unwavering support from the generous donors for helping us and the schools in achieving the fundraising targets. As Top Ten turns 30 next year, we hope to scale up by making the fundraising platform even more impactful with a wider reach to schools and students,” Andersen added. .

One of the highlights of the year was when Hua Lian High School II in Taiping, Perak successfully raised RM5.28 million via Top Ten and topped the list of funds raised this year.

Albert Tey, Chairman of SJKC Hua Lian 2 said, “I am overjoyed towards the overwhelming response and support from the folks in Taiping. My heartfelt thanks to Carlsberg Malaysia for sponsoring the Top Ten Charity Campaign as it is a fantastic fund raising platform to support the second phase of our school construction project that has been planned for over three decades. The ongoing construction project, scheduled to complete by August 2016, will benefit the students as they could learn in a more conducive and stimulating learning environment.”

The line-up of eight local renowned artists serenaded the audience with familiar melodies of oldies, entertaining performance of Charleston musical-alike as well as Korean pop beats and moves. Charity evenings of Top Ten were often ended on a high note where audiences were satisfied with the fund raising achievements and quality of show performance.

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