More Than Half Million Channelled To Needy Students

Carlsberg Hua Zong Education Fund to Disburse Interest Free Study Loan

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 July 2012: The Carlsberg Hua Zong Education Fund (CEF), an interestfree loan provider will disburse RM680, 000 to deserving students pursuing higher education at the local and foreign institution.

The CEF kick started a promo tour in March to promote the registration for the 2012 academic year. The promo tour which was held at several colleges in Penang, Johor and the Klang Valley attracted more than 200 applicants.

“For the past 14 years, CEF has provided an interest-free study loan worth RM5.25million to over 500 students aimed at providing financial aid to deserving needy students. Today, we are glad another 30 students will benefit from this and able to pursue their tertiary education of their choice,” said York Spencer, Marketing Director, Carlsberg Malaysia.

The 30 identified students went through a strict selection process by the committee of which includes a round of interview was held and the student’s academic background, family financial situation, performance in extra-curricular activities and the institution and course applied for were also taken into consideration.

With the success of being selected, these students will be able to pursue a degree, diploma or a foundation course of their own choice at any local or foreign institution. CEF will reimburse RM5, 000 annually to the students until the completion of their education.

The CEF which is a joint partnership between Carlsberg Malaysia and the Federation of Chinese Association Malaysia (Hua Zong) was set up in 1998 to assist needy students and to cultivate a knowledge-based society, where students are given sufficient resources to pursue their tertiary education. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Carlsberg Malaysia over the years has stepped forward to fund raise for the development of Chinese schools.

For the past 25 years Carlsberg Malaysia has accumulated RM 490million to support more than 693 Chinese schools and institutions through its three flagship Chinese Community Project namely “Top Ten Charity Campaign”, “I Love Chinese Education East Malaysia Charity Concert” and “Royal Stout Charity Concert”. 

At the ceremony, winners from the ‘The Future I Want’ Video Contest were announced. The contest which was organised in conjunction with the promo tour of CEF 2012 received favourable responds from the students. Ng Hon Wi, Lee Kha Sheng and Chong Kok Hao were the winners of the video contest chosen based on their creativity and passion showed in the video and were rewarded with RM5, 000 cash.


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