Mark Cheng Ho-Nam To Be The Face Of Danish Royal Stout

Shah Alam, 2 June 2010 – Hong Kong superstar Mark Cheng Ho-Nam is set to appear as the new face of Danish Royal Stout, a genuinely brewed stout with 100% real stout and the only one that contains 8% alcohol content.

The deal signed between Danish Royal Stout and Mark, a renowned actor of blockbuster movies such as Election 2, Rogue Assassin and Young & Dangerous 5 will see the release of an extensive campaign that will propel the brand’s growth in the market.

“This association with Mark Cheng who has a strong character and personality complements the genuinely brewed stout of Danish Royal Stout that is smooth in taste,” says Ole S. Nielsen, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia. “Our goal is to bring wider exposure to the Danish Royal Stout brand and with Mark, we will appeal to a larger audience who resonate with Mark’s outlook on life.”

The local stout market represents a growing segment for Carlsberg Malaysia. Since its introduction in 1992, Danish Royal Stout has grown to become a strong alternative to a market dominated by only 1 brand. It continues to grow yearly despite a decline experienced by the total stout market.

The appointment of Mark as the new face of Danish Royal Stout marks a new milestone in an ongoing campaign to raise the profile and market share of Danish Royal Stout in Malaysia. The brand upgraded its packaging last year and has seen its sales rising steadily.

“What makes Mark Cheng a great ambassador is his strong characteristics, his confident persona and charming demeanour, qualities that are undoubtedly Danish Royal Stout,” adds Nielsen.

With his lean muscular build and unmistakable chiselled jaw line, Mark has acted in more than 200 movies including Japanese and Hollywood ones. He is still very active in the entertainment industry, concentrating more on behind the scenes role. Working on a few film production projects on hand, he is now travelling between China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, where his family are currently staying.

Mark was delighted with his new role with Danish Royal Stout, determined to make this opportunity an interesting venture. “Danish Royal Stout has a rich aroma with a right level of bitterness, its honest to goodness flavour appeals to a mature generation who appreciate its rich taste and the younger generation who feels a need for change in keeping with the times,” says Mark about Danish Royal Stout. “I am excited to be part of the Danish Royal Stout story in Malaysia.”

Mark will appear in Danish Royal Stout advertising and point of sale materials .

To reward loyal drinkers, Danish Royal Stout will also launch a promotional campaign at coffee shops / food courts / hawker centres around the country. With every purchase of two big bottles or quarts of Danish Royal Stout, consumers will receive a limited edition Danish Royal Stout lighter. 


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