Harvesting Great Prizes For Hari Gawai

Carlsberg Gears Up With Attractive Consumer Promotions

KUCHING, 10 April 2013: With the return of Sarawak’s highly anticipated Hari Gawai celebration, Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand, Carlsberg, continues to build on its positive momentum by bringing more excitement to discerning beer drinkers with attractive consumer promotions.

The Hari Gawai in Sarawak is celebrated with a lively and harmonious atmosphere, gathering the villagers from various tribes thanks to the rice God and spirits for their good harvest and blessings prayer for the following year.

“It is an honour for Carlsberg to be part of the largest native festival in Sarawak. In line with this, Carlsberg has put together greater and merrier promotions to celebrate the annual festival with our loyal consumers and customers in East Malaysia,” shared Mr Teoh Nar Teik, Regional Sales Manager of Carlsberg Malaysia.

This year, the Hari Gawai consumer promotion will be offering a greater promotion for the consumers in Sarawak from 15 April to 15 June. Amongst the consumer promotions in store include an exclusive Carlsberg T-shirt which can be redeemed with 12 big bottle caps coded “Q 2013” or 24 small bottle caps coded “P 2013”. Where else consumers who collect 6 big bottle caps coded “Q 2013” or 12 small bottle caps coded “P 2013”, are entitled to a small bottle of Carlsberg.

Since the global rebranding in 2011, Carlsberg has improved its brand equity and recorded positive sales through its successful and effective sales and marketing initiatives. Carlsberg’s success as Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand is a result of constant innovation to the brand’s products, packaging, promotions and marketing.

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