Harassment Of A Carlsberg Promoter

Carlsberg promoter was treated disrespectfully but managed the difficult situation in a calm and professional manner. She appreciates supports from all parties, but wishes her privacy respected

Kuala Lumpur, 21st November 2018 – With reference to a video posted on social media showing a Carlsberg promoter being confronted by an aggressive man on 18 November 2018, Carlsberg Malaysia fully supports the promoter and has rendered the necessary assistance to the promoter and her family. Understanding their wishes for privacy, we are releasing this statement after consultation with the promoter and her family.

The Carlsberg Promoter shown in the mentioned video was on-duty to conduct sampling activities to non-Muslim consumers of legal purchasing age in the non-halal area of a hypermarket. The promoter was confronted by a man with disrespectful words and actions, who video filmed her and later shared it in his video on social media.

Carlsberg Malaysia is saddened by the incident and would like to express our sympathies to the promoter and her family.
Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Lars Lehmann commented, “We are very upset how the promoter was harassed, when doing her job in line with all rules and regulations. The harassment she experienced is unacceptable. We are very proud of how she handled the difficult situation and immediately offered support to her, when she reported the incident”.

“We would like to stress that our sampling activities are strictly for non-Muslim of legal purchasing age only. While we reserve our rights on this matter, our priority lies with the safety and security of our promoter. We respect the promoter’s decision not to further pursue the matter. She appreciates the encouraging words and support received from all parties.

Nonetheless, she urged all parties to respect her privacy by not circulating any images, videos and personal information of her,” Lars added.

Carlsberg Malaysia respects the promoter’s decision and is extending every assistance possible to her while monitoring the situation. As agreed with her and her family, please refer to Pearl Lai, Group Communications of Carlsberg Malaysia should you have any enquiries.


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