“Happiness” Visit to Media House

To spread joy and Happiness, Carlsberg Malaysia together with its PR team visited several media houses on the 25th and 26th January 2011. The visit was a gesture of our appreciation to the media houses for their support towards our CNY campaign. The highlight of the visit was the Carlsberg Happiness Float, a 28ft by 12ft float decorated with prancing horses, which symbolized the outpouring of success in the new year and 10 statues of metal rabbits. 

The visit was accompanied by a lion dance troupe and eight “Fook” Gods who shared the joy of happiness with the crowd.


If you represent the media - print, online, radio or tv - please address enquiries concerning Carlsberg Group to:

Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director

Pearl Lai

Tel 03-5522 6414 Email [email protected]