Fantabulous “Homecoming" with Carlsberg

KUALA LUMPUR, 18th January 2011 – Carlsberg today hosted the premiere screening of the Chinese New Year film, “Homecoming”. Held at Golden Screen Cinemas Mid Valley Megamall, 300 invited guests consisting of customers, business partners, local celebrities and members of the media were treated to a heart-warming tale of journeys home to family reunions. Several stars from the movie including Jack Neo, Ah Niu, Rebecca Lim and Koe Yeet made special appearances to make the evening even more memorable.

In his welcome address, Mr. Soren Ravn, the Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said, “Tonight’s movie is about celebrating the homecoming and reunion of people that brings out an endless flow of joy and happiness. It’s a great and funny movie and we’re very proud to be the presenting sponsor of this movie for your enjoyment”.

He added, “Homecoming fits perfectly with our message of “喜” (Happiness) this Chinese New Year, which is the theme of our celebrations. As the No. 1 beer in Malaysia, you will often find Carlsberg at such an occasion and what better way to celebrate the joy and happiness of the Lunar New Year than to enjoy a very well made, heart-warming movie such as Homecoming”.

“Homecoming” is a Singapore/Malaysia collaboration that tells the story of three different families that eventually become interlinked, either through blood, friendship or geography, overcoming unexpected obstacles in a rush to get home in time for their Chinese New Year reunion dinners. The movie features some of the best talents from both Malaysia and Singapore include Mark Lee (“Money No Enough”, “Ah Long Pte Ltd”), Jack Neo (“Liang Po Po, “Where Got Ghost”), Afdlin Shauki (“Sumolah”), singer Ah Niu (“Ice Kacang Puppy Love”), Jacelyn Tay (“After School”), Huang Wen Hong (popular DJ at 100.3FM), Rebecca Lim (“The Pupil”, “Fighting Spiders”) and Koe Yeet (“Ah Long Pte Ltd”).

Coincidentally, this movie, comedy and heart-warming family drama all rolled into one, takes place on Chinese New Year’s Eve itself which further captures the essence of the warmth and the sense of tradition for people celebrating the idea of coming together for a once a year reunion.

Homecoming opens on 19 January 2011 in cinemas nationwide.


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