Enjoy Carlsberg And Carlsberg Smooth Draught To Win ‘Probably The Best Party’ Of The Year!

50 lucky winners to host awesome bash with 80 friends for once-in-a-lifetime ‘ex-beer-ience’ compliments of Carlsberg!

Petaling Jaya, 9 November 2018 – Guests and media had a first-hand experience of “Probably The Best Party” held at The Roof on 9th November 2018 brought exclusively by “Probably The Best Beer In The World”, Carlsberg, as a sneak peek of the much anticipated and exciting First Prize win offered for this promotional campaign.

Just as guests and media were feted to an amazing and tantalising night of food, beers and entertainment for this one-of-a-kind experience, likewise, each of the 50 lucky winners will be playing host to ‘‘Probably The Best Party’’ with 80 of their friends at a venue of their choice to pick from within the participating outlets and a preferred theme ALL on Carlsberg.

Replicating the ambience and party vibes of the five themes that the winners can choose from, either Oriental, Kollywood, German, Sports or Karaoke Party, The Roof, celebrating its 5th Anniversary, was transformed into an awesome venue of grandiose, each depicting the distinct themes, promising the winners a party of a lifetime to celebrate with their friends!

It was all fun and excitement at the Oriental Party at Ye Zi Restaurant while the upbeat and pulsating music at the Kollywood Party got everyone moving and gyrating to the beat at Ballers. The ambience at the German Party held at Signature was merry and lively as guests grooved to the performance of the Live Band. The Sports Party, at SCORE, had a different atmosphere, assuming a typical night out at the pub while in Play, the Karaoke Party had guests showing off their vocal skills!

Guests relished in the respective party theme performances that brought the scene alive such as the Chinese Drum, Diabolo, Oriental Pole Dance and Dholl Performances, the German Chicken Dance, the Sports Dance Performance and the outstanding performance by Mad August.

And to keep the party going, interactive fun activities like the Loudest POP Challenge, Dance Challenge, Giant Stein Challenge, iDarts Competition and singing along with the Top Ten Artistes, ensured guests were totally entertained! Not to mention, complemented by the sensational DJs Aria, Rimka and Mizzkiya who skilfully got guests involved and energised! Guests were also feted to an array of sumptuous snacks and canapes inspired by each theme to encapsulate the feel and mood.

Till date, there are already three lucky First Prize winners, each from Ipoh, Johor Bahru and Seremban, who will be partying with 80 of their friends at ‘‘Probably The Best Party’’ ever in the coming weeks!

It was a wonderful belated gift for Ng Kiang Soon from Ipoh. “I’m so glad to win this opportunity to host a party for my wife who will be celebrating her birthday and for my friends who are Carlsberg lovers,” he enthused.

Never in his wildest dreams did Ngang Teng Siong think he would have the chance to host a party for 80 friends for free! Sharing his excitement, he said, “I was overjoyed when I noticed that my bottle cap had “Party Malaysia 2018” when I was out enjoying Carlsberg beers with my buddies,” who hails from Negeri Sembilan.

As for Tan Ah Hee from Johor, who is a Carlsberg beer lover and has been one for 20 years, winning “Probably The Best Party” prize was the ultimate reward. According to him, “I have won exclusive merchandise during Chinese New Year and the recent football campaign. But this was the highlight of the year,” adding that he has chosen the Oriental theme to celebrate his son’s and wife’s birthday which is coming up soon.

This promotional campaign runs till end November and there are also three Grand Prize winners who will each enjoy an all-expense paid trip with five friends for “Probably The Best Winter Party” in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Grab your chance to win ‘‘Probably The Best Party’’ by checking the inside of the bottle caps of big bottles when you enjoy Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught at participating coffee shops and food courts. Or check your Gift Cards at participating bars and pubs when enjoying beer nights with your buddies and be a lucky winner!

For those getting beers from supermarkets, hypermarkets and e-Commerce platforms, the Gift Card is located in the inner panel of the Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught 6-can pack. The Gift Card is available for purchases of RM15 and above at convenience stores.

Don’t miss out on this lifetime chance to host ‘‘Probably The Best Party’’ ever for FREE!

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Lars Lehmann, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia invites beer lovers nationwide to participate in Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Party – where First Prize Winners of the consumer campaign can invite 80 friends to a party fully-paid for by Carlsberg including beers, food and entertainment of their preferred theme ALL on Carlsberg!

Hundreds of invited media, guests and social media influencers enjoyed probably the best night of fun at Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Party as they experienced first-hand the five Probably The Best Party themes – Oriental, Kollywood, German, Sports and Karaoke.

The Oriental Party was held at Ye Zi Restaurant, The Roof where guests were delighted to a sumptuous spread of Chinese steamboat.

Guests were entertained by the Chinese Drums while the invigorating Oriental Pole Dance took center stage as the beautiful dancers performed their incredible acrobatic skills.

On top of the well decorated Orient theme, performances continued as guests watched closely at the heart thumping Diabolo performance.

It was truly an Oriental Party experience for many as they dine in true Chinese steamboat style, while being entertained by performances such as the Chinese Drums, Oriental Pole Dance and Diabolo performances all while enjoying Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught!

Guests were welcomed by the Carlsberg brand ambassadors who adorned beautiful sarees at the entrance of the Kollywood Party at Ballers as they anticipated for a fun night of partying, a sneak preview of the theme.

Throughout the night, guests were engaged to participated in various games and activities including the Loudest POP Challenge where participant who pops a Carlsberg Smooth Draught featuring the innovative POP Cap with the highest decibel wins a prize!

The upbeat and pulsating music at the Kollywood Party got everyone moving and gyrating to the beat at Ballers.

Dancers wowed guests and regulars at Ballers with its vibrant and upbeat music and astonishing dance moves bringing to live the Kollywood Party theme by Carlsberg.

Dholl drummers got everyone’s toes tapping and made it truly a night to remember for many! Thereafter, DJ Rimka continued to keep the music going while guests indulged in an array of Indian snacks and canapes inspired by the Kollywood theme

Keeping to tradition, the German Party got guests moving as they join in for the Chicken Dance as the Carlsberg Drindl girls introduced the steps.

What better way to enjoy Probably The Best Party without probably the best beers? Guests were enjoying the night at each party room as they savoured Carlsberg, Probably The Best Beer In The World, and Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World!

The ambience at the German Party held at Signature was merry and lively as guests grooved to the performance of the Live Band.

All fun and smiles by guests as they were entertained by the live band performances, participated in the Chicken Dance and grooving to the songs by the live band, enjoying the German food spread including Bratwurst, sausages, Sauerkraut, pretzels, and so much more!

Perfect to host the venue of Carlsberg’s Sports Party, SCORE at The Roof welcomed guests with a photo wall featuring various fun sports-related elements. Guests participated in the iDarts competition where they walked home with Carlsberg merchandise.

Beautiful neon lighting of Carlsberg bottles invited guests to capture insta-worthy moments at the Sports Party room.

Living up to delivering probably the best entertainment, Carlsberg drew the crowd at Sports Party as dancers dressed in various sports attire performed fun and catchy dance moves that ended with a popping of Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottles.

One of the performances at the Sports Party was performed by the professional football jugglers who showcased their juggling skills!

In true sports spirit, everyone grouped up for a group photo at SCORE with Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught in hand before heading over to the fifth party room – Karaoke Party at PLAY.

At the Karaoke Party in PLAY, many took turns to belt out their favourite tunes at the karaoke booths.

Wrapping up Probably The Best Party last Friday night at The Roof, guests and media adjourned over to PLAY where they experience Carlsberg’s Karaoke Party!

Guests also took turns to pose and snap photographs at the mini pool at PLAY and had them posted on social media with the hashtag #ProbablyTheBestParty

The highlight of the night were stage performances by local band Mad August who entertained guests with local favourites such as It’s My Life, Zombie, New Divide, 海阔天空, 隔岸观火 and so much more!

Cheers to Probably The Best Party that night, Lars Lehmann delivered a thank you note to all guests and media for joining and experiencing for themselves all five party themes – Oriental, Kollywood, German, Sports and Karaoke. Share with your friends and family to enjoy Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught to win themselves a party of a lifetime by Carlsberg!