Easy Prices, Great Satisfaction With Danish Royal Stout And Skol

Great news for fans and consumers of Danish Royal Stout and Skol as they can enjoy a great promotion to their favourite drinks! Running from 1 August to 30 September, they are entitled to redeem a scratch card with every purchase of ONE big bottle of Danish Royal Stout or Skol at coffeeshops, hawker centres and food courts. The scratch card will reveal the discounted price of RM5, RM1 or RM0.50 off the following bottle.

For MOFT consumers, they will be entitled to a RM3 discount when they purchase a 6-can pack of Danish Royal Stout or Skol. As for TOFT, consumers can buy any two cans of Danish Royal Stout or Skol at Special Promo Price.

It’s time to drink more Danish Royal Stout and Skol!


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