Corona Extra Brings in the Calvary to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

KUALA LUMPUR, May 3 2012 – Corona Extra, the world’s No. 1 imported Mexican beer paints the town with vivid colours in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the famous victory party that resonates around the globe every year.

Corona Extra’s Cinco de Mayo events kick-off from 6.00pm onwards in the Klang Valley zone at 3 different outlets over a period of 3 days. The Klang Valley parties will see Corona Extra taking over Cobra Club on Thursday, May 3, The Beach Club on Friday, May 4 and Las Carrestas Ampang on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

A superb night of activities has been specially concocted throughout the fiesta to give fans and beer lovers an unforgettable experience. For starters, guests are invited to show-up in their most creative Mexican outfit to get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. Sombreros, ponchos, Mexican moustaches with touches of creativity are all welcomed.

Guests will also be greeted by the sweet serenading sounds of a Mariachi band and a traditional folk dance performance before the night escalates into a full blown riot of fun. Personalized Salsa lessons take over the dance floors and a lesson in the enigmatic Latin language puts an eclectic spin on each series. Bundled with games, piñata’s, the limbo walk and loads of entertainment; this is one celebration that will have guests up and on their toes the whole evening.

“Corona Extra is the world’s most loved Mexican beer because of its light, refreshing and relaxing taste that always brings out the fun where it is. It is unique and distinct in its own special way. Even the way you drink a Corona Extra is a ritual on its own with a slice of lime inserted into the bottle mouth. This year, we are bringing one of the most celebrated Mexican events to beer lovers to give them a taste of what it means to party Mexican style,” said Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day but a commemoration of the Mexican army’s astonishing triumph at the Battle of Puebla. Sending an army head-to-head against a battalion was an achievement and Corona Extra is proud to celebrate this courageous feat with a bottle of ice cold beer.

Indeed not for the faint hearted, Corona Extra’s Cinco de Mayo festival brings out the best refreshing and relaxing moments in life and to celebrate the famed victory party, Corona Extra is bringing to fans an evening of exciting, exuberant energy pulsating through the night.


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