Connor’s Stout Porter Passes Blind-Taste Test With Flying Colours!

93% Malaysian stout drinkers assert Connor’s is a taste that is ‘Just Made Right’

Shah Alam, 16 April 2018 – Connor’s Stout Porter recently activated an unbranded challenge called the Stout Challenge, which was held nationwide throughout the month of March. The Stout Challenge not only raised the bar on the previous Connor’s Challenge but received tremendous response, affirming Connor’s Stout Porter of being a taste that is “Just Made Right”!

Building on the momentum from the Connor’s Challenge campaign held last year, which was a marked success, the ‘Stout Challenge’ saw the premium draught stout brewer upping the challenge by offering consumers a blind-taste test to rate the stout.

This time, taking the campaign to the road at hot party spots in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Malacca, Penang and Johor, the activation involved an unbranded truck deployed to various participating outlets, and unknown to consumers, were offered a perfect creamy foam head Connor’s stout in an unmarked cup which they had to rate for taste.

The results were outstanding with most of them concurring that the ‘unbranded’ stout in the cup was infused with a blend of unique flavours and its taste was “Just Made Right”. Following which, the Connor’s Stout Porter brand was revealed to the much-anticipated participants and given an insight on its brew - consisting of natural ingredients with a combination of roasted barley, brown malt, caramel malt and lager malt.

With an overwhelming response of over 93% consumers who took part in the blind-taste challenge were ‘satisfied’ that Connor’s Stout Porter lived up to its mark of a stout that is carefully concocted with unique roasty undertones, infused with a gentle caramel note and brewed to deliver a crisp texture that balances the bitterness and robustness.

“Last year’s Connor’s Challenge saw an 80% satisfaction rate amongst 20,000 participants who rose to the challenge despite the money back guarantee experience, with eight out of 10 consumers loving the taste of Connor’s.” said Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, Charles Wong.

“As proven by the results from the recent Stout Challenge via a blind-taste test with 93% satisfaction rate by stout lovers, this affirms the Connor’s brand promise and positioning of delivering a draught stout that’s “Just Made Right”,” he added.

Each satisfied consumer who took up the ‘Stout Challenge’, was given a Connor’s voucher to redeem a full pint from participating outlets.

For a satisfaction guaranteed drinking experience, try Connor’s Stout Porter now!

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Following the success of Connor’s Challenge, Connor’s ran the Stout Challenge throughout the month of March. A mysterious, unbranded Stout Challenge truck roved around hot party spots in KL, Ipoh, Malacca, Penang and Johor.

93% Malaysian stout drinkers took up Stout Challenge loved Connor’s for its taste that’s ‘Just Made Right’.

Consumers were introduced to the quality, natural ingredients used to brew Connor’s, a combination of roasted barley, brown malt, caramel malt and lager malt.

The consumer journey of the Stout Challenge began when a cup of stout was poured out for them to sample. Still unknown to them that the stout is Connor’s Stout Porter, stout challengers then casted their vote on their liking for the liquid.

Stout enthusiasts were thrilled when they spotted the Stout Challenge truck where they were invited to take on the blind taste test challenge, for free.

Yet to taste the widely acclaimed draught stout by Connor’s? You’ve got to taste it to believe it!

Each consumer who took up the Stout Challenge were given a Connor’s voucher to redeem one (1) full pint from participating outlets.