Coming Together for a Smooth Year & Longevity

Carlsberg wishes all a Smoother Year and Longevity this Chinese New Year with limited edition cans, collectibles and up to RM888 Ang Pau

SHAH ALAM, 28 December 2021 – As Malaysians resiliently navigate back to normalcy after being impacted by the pandemic and floods, Carlsberg Malaysia wishes to lift their spirits by delivering smoothness and longevity through its ‘Coming Together for a Smoother Year’ 2022 Chinese New Year (CNY) campaign.

As a brand that promises quality and innovation for every occasion, Carlsberg’s intuitive festive campaigns bring together consumers with moments and celebrations that resonate across all walks of life. This coming CNY campaign is no different as it aims to bring families, friends and dear ones far or apart together in celebration of a better year ahead.  

Aspiring to be Probably The Best Beer, Carlsberg is ushering in the annual festival with limited-edition CNY cans that accentuates the essence of ‘smoothness’ and ‘longevity’. True to the brand’s CNY tradition, the creative concept behind the beautifully designed Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Smooth Draught cans exquisitely combines the modern identity of Carlsberg with traditional Chinese auspicious icons to wish beer consumers a year of smoothness, longevity, and prosperity.

Complementing the Carlsberg Danish Pilsner’s iconic green can is the Chinese character ‘Fu’ [福] emboldened in gold against a rich red background to celebrate wellbeing and abundance which transcends a healthy, happy and auspicious life.

Wrapped around the silver and white Carlsberg Smooth Draught can on the other hand is a symbol of smoothness in the form of ancient Chinese Treasure ships, portraying smooth sailing and prosperous times ahead. 

The prominence of the colour red and gold on both the limited-edition cans and 24-can festive packaging magnify the festive spirit and exudes auspiciousness, which is Carlsberg’s way of wishing everyone a year of smoothness and longevity. Both the limited-edition cans are beautifully designed and curated in collaboration with the World’s No.1 expert in Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, Dato’ Joey Yap. His signature is featured across all Carlsberg’s CNY festive packaging whilst his readings on each Zodiac fortune are also featured exclusively on Carlsberg’s playing cards.

“As we usher in the new year, we want to uplift spirits and encourage all our consumers to look forward with optimism and positivity. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to meet-up, catch-up and look ahead with joy and cheer. We hope that our campaign themed ‘Coming together for a smoother year’ encourages consumers to stay positive in embracing a smooth sailing year ahead and a long and healthy life. Together we will prosper and emerge stronger,” said Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

From 27 December 2021 until 6 February 2022, consumers stocking up for the coming CNY celebrations will enjoy more rewards when buying their celebratory brews. From premium Neoflam hotpot casserole sets, elegant tiffin carriers, special Dato’ Joey Yap Edition playing cards, novel Neoflam glass container sets and up to RM888 in Ang Pau (cash) or in e-Wallet credit, beer lovers will be rewarded with even greater value when making their purchases.

Shoppers who purchase any two cartons of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught plus a carton of any premium brands (Somersby, 1664 Blanc/Rose, Connor’s or Asahi) at participating supermarkets, hypermarkets, 99 Speedmart and eCommerce platforms will be able to redeem a 28cm natural non-stick Neoflam Casserole Hotpot Set worth RM209, which comes with a ‘Da Long Yi’ soup base, plus a can of Connor’s and a deck of special Dato’ Joey Yap Edition playing cards.  Over in East Malaysia, purchasing any one carton of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught plus a carton of any premium brands, rewards you with a sleek and modern Neoflam glass container set worth RM118, which comes in a set of two, measuring 470ml and 800ml. Not only are they heat-safe and thermal shock resistant, but these containers are also airtight and leak proof too.

Additionally, bring along your favourite CNY dishes to reunion dinners in an elegant red Tiffin carrier with CNY motifs by The Tiffin Company worth RM79, easily redeemable by purchasing any six sets of 4-can pack or a carton of 1664 Blanc, Asahi, Carlsberg Special Brew or Connor’s, plus you will receive an extra can of Connor’s thrown in for good measure.

Consumers who enjoy big bottles of the Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, Carlsberg Smooth Draught and Carlsberg Special Brew, can prosper even more with prizes worth over RM3 million up for grabs! All they have to do is check the flip side of their bottle caps at any participating food courts and coffee shops, and they might just win themselves one of the 6,000 Ang Pau’s up for grabs this festive season.

The special Dato’ Joey Yap Edition playing cards is a giveaway with purchase of a tower, two buckets or if with six full pints, 10 half pints or 10 mugs of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught. One can also scan the QR code to upload your receipt to stand a chance of winning up to RM888 Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet credit. If you are in East Malaysia, each lucky winner will receive RM888 GrabPay e-Wallet credits. Carlsberg is on the search for 25 weekly lucky winners, so be sure to participate!

Online shoppers need not fret. Visit any Carlsberg official store on Lazada and Shopee, Pandamart as well as Potboy and purchase an exclusive CNY Gift Pack brought to by Carlsberg and Amazin’ Graze. You will be treated to a total of eight cans which include both the limited-edition CNY Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Smooth Draught cans plus a can of either Asahi, 1664 Blanc, 1664 Rosé, Connor’s Stout Porter, Somersby Apple Cider and Somersby Watermelon Cider, giving you a variety of choice for your celebration. Also included in the Gift Pack are four packs of healthy assorted nuts from Amazin’ Graze, and exclusive Ang Pau packet that comes in two collectible designs of “Smoothness” and “Longevity”. 

From 1 January until 28 February 2022, Carlsberg is rewarding consumers with up to RM388 Touch n’ Go e-Wallet credits when purchasing RM20 worth of Carlsberg Malaysia products at selected convenient stores.

With an abundance of rewards instore for beer lovers, it is bound to be a smooth year ahead for everyone.

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Of course, as part of living a safe and responsible life, we advocate responsible consumption, always remember not to drive – #CelebrateResponsibly.


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