Club Asahi Official Launch Event

Asahi Super Dry introduces a new dimension in clubbing with the iconic Club Asahi

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 October 2012 – Japan’s No.1 beer around the world, Asahi Super Dry’s Club Asahi event shook the grounds of Butter Factory, KL recently with a superb party that hit the highs of sophisticated clubbers all over town. Pulling out all the stops for the recent soiree, the event saw more than 1,000 party goers congregate for one magnificent night of neoteric experiences, stellar performances by Japan’s finest and the endless flow of Asahi Super Dry.

The new party series has been specially conceptualized to bring unique themes and enigmatic experiences from the most dynamic and exciting metropolises around the world right into the heart of some of Malaysia’s hottest venues.

Commenting at the launch, Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said, “Club Asahi has been crafted to elevate the Asahi Super Dry engagement to the next level. This evening we introduce to consumers, a new dimension in the party scene and an event that ignites endless possibilities.”

“With an aim of providing our fans here with the ultimate clubbing experience, we are exposing some of the best trends and pop culture movements to party lovers and we are kicking off tonight with Club Asahi, Tokyo!” added Ravn.

Staying true to its promise of Igniting Possibilities, the Club Asahi party had guests’ in complete awe as they entered the world of Japan. Entirely revolutionizing the venue into the vibrant city - Tokyo, the immersion began right from the entry point of the party.

Partygoers in their best party outfits, were charged up with anticipation as they admired the scene and moved to the check-in counters. The waiting lounge was a miniature version of Tokyo, mapped out to give guests a larger than life experience as they sauntered through the scaled down city.


Once in, the path brought punters through a tunnel of senses. Captivating the minds of everyone who walked through, the walls were clad with astrophysical images and illustrations that signified the transition from Kuala Lumpur to Japan. The animated channel also permeated the clean, crisp and refreshing scent of Asahi Super Dry that got taste buds thirsty and yearning.

Fully equipped with pop-culture elements from the land of the rising sun, a Karaoke room was nestled in for singers who belted out their favourite tunes while an inverted skyline of Tokyo, that seemed to elevate on its own, was raised overhead. Immersing clubbers fully into neo-Tokyo elements, graphic videos ran across Victorian framed screens enabling a glimpse into projections of art in motion.

Shifting the night into gear, the boys from Base Agents got the party off the ground with the duo’s raw energy and show-stealing fists-in-the-air set. Before exiting the stage, the all-girl dance troupe sensation, the CyberJapan Dancers leapt out to excited cheers of surprise and joined Bass Agents for a sizzling show of dance moves that made the crowd go wild. The music of course was infectious and it was not long before hands were flailing in the air.

Partygoers were psyched when the next act stepped out on stage; taking over the wheels of steel with power-packed expertise was none other than Japan’s No.1 DJ, Shinichi Osawa. Hitting it hard and going all out with his signature hits, ‘Star Guitar’ and ‘Love Will Guide You’, Osawa’s energetic performance charged through with his hypnotic array of electro, house and techno beats. The ever sensual CyberJapan Dancers, dressed in show-stopping outfits, joined the music maverick and performed another eye-popping showcase.

The night took another exciting turn when out came turntable junkies, B.A.T.E. The rising nubreeds kept the adrenaline high and music enthusiast pounding on the dance floor by pumping them up with electro house, techno, Moombahton and everything in between. Urbanites were bursting with excitement as the two chugged out one hot track after another. Creating an explosion of stellar tunes an echo of non-stop screams and accolades resonated from the charged-up crowd.

With total music mayhem, a winning combination of sights and the clean, crisp and refreshing taste of Asahi Super Dry, Club Asahi certainly transported party people to a revolutionary clubbing event. Proving to be the next dimension in the party arena, Club Asahi has elevated the scene by offering guests the ultimate experience.



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