Club Asahi Miami Sizzles The Grounds Of Penang

Temperatures rise as Asahi Super Dry spins high velocity percussive beats

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 JUNE 2013 – Club Asahi presented its Miami edition and produced one of its best party experiences yet, as it took over Soju Room in Penang. Recreating one of the hottest party cosmopolitan cities in the world, Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No.1 beer upped the ante with its set-up and stellar performances by bringing the best of electronic dance music, vibe and energy to the Pearl of the Orient, Penang; a city which sees Asahi Super Dry beer dominating some clubbing scenes.

Calvin Khoo, Brand Manager of Asahi Super Dry mentioned, “The event was an incredible success with a record high 200% over target in Facebook contest participation and an overwhelming turnout at Club Asahi Miami. Over only a short period of 18 months, Asahi Super Dry’s Facebook has recorded its first 100,000 friends. This is a testament to the brand equity and engagement with its core consumers. The first Club Asahi themed Tokyo was held in KL last October 2012 and we thought what would be a better way to elevate the brand’s party experience to Penang, where Asahi Super Dry is gaining good momentum.”

“Our fans expect nothing but an ultimate clubbing experience of best trends of electronic dance music, pop culture movements and an exclusive drinking experience in the country’s best high-end clubs. Club Asahi – Miami was the most anticipated consumer engagement platform for the brand, in addition to its past sponsorships of local well-known music events and festivals such as Swedish House Mafia, Future Music Festival Asia and Dash Berlin. ” added Khoo.

Partygoers arrived right on time, decked up in fashionable gear. Greeted by an impressive 3D photo wall and two chrome hummers parked up front, punters were already fascinated as they snapped away and moved to the check-in counters. The waiting lounge saw a red carpet walk of fame as they approached the main entrance giving guests that exclusive Miami experience as they sauntered through to the main room

Shifting the night into gear, DJs Monkey & Funkzu and Nasty & Guru Guru got the party off the ground with the duos’ raw energy and show-stealing fists-in-the-air set. Part of the Asahi Super Dry All-Stars collective, they hit it up hard driving music lovers into a state of transcending euphoria. The music of course was infectious and it was not long before hands were flailing in the air.

DJ Henrix soon took over the decks and pushed the beat lines further. His energy and mishmash of tunes had reeling fans gyrating on the dance floor in harmony. Packing a punch into his set, guests were then literally blown away by Kryoman who donned the stage in full robotic gear. The half man half machine as many know him to be has been blowing minds inside the electronic music underground since nearly its inception.

The night ended on a high note as Kryoman made another appearance and DJ Henrix took it all the way to the top Miami style. Club Asahi Miami had guests leaving the scene with chatter, cheers and a permanent grin plastered across their faces. To ensure that all guests departed safely, mineral water and personal breathalyzer tests were administered while a few Drink Responsibly ambassadors advocated the importance off no drinking and driving and provided the cab numbers for those who could use a taxi back home.

Elevating the clubbing scene into the next dimension, Club Asahi is pulling out all the stops and offering clubbers a new, unique platform to be entertained, be inspired and be in the forefront in igniting endless possibilities. For more information on Club Asahi – Miami, please check


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