Carlsberg Was Once Again Voted “Most Trusted Beer Brand in Malaysia” For The 10th Year Running

“Money Can’t Buy” Experiences

Carlsberg in Malaysia has always been synonymous with football and football properties. Our association with this platform has been hugely accelerated by virtue of us being the sponsor of Liverpool Football Club jerseys in the hugely popular Barclay’s Premier League, better known as the BPL. To drive home our strong association with football and Liverpool FC among football crazy fans, we continued to leverage upon several impactful Liverpool FC-related promotions. Aside from holding our hugely popular football viewing parties in key cities around Malaysia, we sent 350 ardent Carlsberg customers and consumers to a money can’t buy experience which we labelled the “Red Entourage Promotion”. Participants were feted as VIPs all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to watch Liverpool FC play against the Singapore national squad. We also simulated a BPL-styled match where consumers got to feel what it would be like to be at a real BPL match.

Green Label Resonating Across the Greens
 We continued to elevate the status of the brand by lending the Carlsberg name to Malaysia’s most prestigious golf tournament, the Maybank Malaysia Open 2009. We also continued our support of the nation’s longest running amateur golfing event, the Carlsberg Golf Classic, for the 17th year in a row. The Carlsberg brand’s strong association with the game of golf will surely resonate in participating golfers’ minds long after they have rewarded themselves to a round of Carlsberg beer at the end of each tournament. For perspective, Carlsberg is represented in 95% of golf clubs across East and Peninsular Malaysia.

The year closed off with a bang when Carlsberg was once again voted “Most Trusted Beer Brand in Malaysia” for the 10th year running in the Reader’s Digest’s Most Trusted Brands Award 2009. The Reader’s Digest Asia Most Trusted Brands survey which reflects consumer confidence in their most trusted and favourite brands certainly goes a long way in reinforcing Carlsberg’s position as the No. 1 beer brand in Malaysia.


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