Carlsberg Ushers In The Year Of The Rabbit With An Endless Flow Of Happiness

The Carlsberg “喜” (Happiness) Float to bring grand traditions to life

Shah Alam, Jan 11, 2011. Carlsberg ushers in the Year of the Rabbit by bringing the essence and traditions of the Chinese culture to life with “ 喜 ” (Happiness). Accentuating the notion of a good and happy life, Carlsberg exemplifies this message on the auspicious day of 11.1.11 through a beautifully crafted Chinese calligraphy of the character “喜” (Happiness) unleashed with the opening of every Carlsberg beer.

To share the message of Happiness (报喜 –delivery and spread of happiness) with consumers, Carlsberg marked the occasion by unveiling an elaborate float procession decorated by prancing horses and statues of rabbits. The 28ft by 12ft Carlsberg “喜” (Happiness) float carries 8“福” (Fook-prosperity) gods, flanked by traditional Chinese drums. This float was launched at a grand ceremony at the Carrefour Kota Damansara, Selangor and made its way to Giant Hypermarket Kota Damansara to bless shoppers before ending the procession at Tesco Kepong, KL, later the same day.

“Carlsberg has always maintained a close link to Chinese traditions during the Lunar New Year. In 2009, Carlsberg celebrated the Lunar New Year of Ox with the essence of positivity and longevity themed “生” (Life). In 2010, we unleashed“福”Fook Gods to spread prosperity to the nation. Our 2011 “喜” (Happiness) campaign unites the 3 essences of “生” (Life), “福” (Prosperity) and “喜” (Happiness) into a trinity that symbolizes a good life,” explains Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia in his opening address. “That is what Carlsberg stands for, a celebration of a good life. We hope that for this Lunar New Year, a Carlsberg is raised in every “喜” (Happiness) moments shared with friends and family.”

Carlsberg has a long-standing tradition of focusing on the sentiments of positivity in its celebration of the Lunar New Year. According to Chinese culture, Life, Prosperity and Happiness are attributes long coveted by all and considered auspicious by the Chinese all over the world. Carlsberg’s “喜” (Happiness) celebration is a continuation of an award-winning campaign that has touched the hearts of many Malaysians every year. Carlsberg’s 2009 Lunar New Year celebrations won the Effies Awards for its effectiveness in engaging with consumers.

By making a grand gesture in bringing these traditions to life for 2011, Carlsberg hopes the “喜” Happiness float would strike a chord with the consumers and share joy and happy sentiments for the year to come. "As the #1 beer brand in Malaysia, Carlsberg is often found in the company of people celebrating every occasion. We are hopeful that our message of “喜” (Happiness) will be a symbol of endless flow of happiness during Lunar New Year celebrations with friends or at every family reunion," adds Soren.

Highlights of Carlsberg’s “喜” (Happiness) Lunar New Year celebration include:

The Carlsberg “喜” Happiness Float

The 12 feet height and 28 feet length Carlsberg “喜” Happiness Float is constructed with elements that bring joy and luck to the nation. The 3 prancing horses on the float symbolize the outpouring of success in the new year. The horses are also depicted as leading the float, representing the marching of the float towards consumers to wish them “喜” Happiness.

10 metal rabbits represent the animal sign of the new Lunar New Year with 2011 being the year of the metal rabbit. Metal gives Rabbits more strength, resilience and determination.

The Jin Yuan Bao (Gold ingots) and the golden coins on the float both symbolize happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Launch Ceremony

Carlsberg held a grand ceremony to mark the unveiling of the “喜” (Happiness) float on the auspicious day of 11.1.11 at Carrefour Kota Damansara in Selangor. A dazzling Sky Dancers flying duo performance marks the arrival of the float. Ushered in by the thumping drum beats sounded by Soren Ravn, the float is flanked by acrobatic dancers, 8 golden lions from the award-winning Khuan Loke Lion Dance Troupe from Sungai Way, a 8-member Chinese Drum troupe and 8“福”Fook Gods.

After visiting consumers inside the Carrefour outlet, the Carlsberg “喜” Happiness Float then made its way to Giant Hypermarket in Kota Damansara and Tesco Kepong to engage consumers at those locations.


To ensure an endless flow of “喜” (Happiness), Carlsberg offers the following promotions to consumers:

Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Retail Outlets

• Receive a free limited edition Carlsberg glass in the shape of the iconic Carlsberg can for every purchase of a 24-can pack.

• Special 15-can pack and 16-can pack for Carlsberg Green Label and an 8-can pack for Carlsberg Gold are available at selected outlets.

• Be the highest spender of Carlsberg products from 7-Eleven outlets and win prizes from Samsung including a 3D LED TV, Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Samsung smartphones.

Coffee Shops and Foodcourts

• Get a free mini wave glass (3 colours to collect) with every purchase of 3 quarts of Carlsberg Green Label or Carlsberg Gold

Bars and Clubs

• Get a free limited edition Carlsberg Beer glass and coaster set with every purchase of 2 buckets or 2 jugs of Carlsberg Green Label or Carlsberg Gold

Marketing Campaign

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Carlsberg will embark on a marketing campaign that includes print advertising, online advertising and retail advertising. The focus of these advertisements will be on the essence of “喜” (Happiness), communicating the moments of happiness that calls for a Carlsberg.

Carlsberg will also be the main sponsor of “Homecoming” a heart-warming movie retelling the tale of family reunions during the Lunar New Year. This Malaysia/Singapore collaboration will be released in the cinemas on 18 January 2011.

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