Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Brewery Tour For Sabahans & Sarawakians

Brewery tour for Sabah & Sarawak beer lovers where they can see, touch, smell and taste Carlsberg beers

SHAH ALAM, Nov 8, 2018 – Every beer lovers’ dream is to be able to discover and learn how beer is made. Carlsberg Malaysia hosted Probably The Best Brewery Tour for its distinguished customers and consumers hailing from Sabah and Sarawak to experience first-hand the Art of Making Beer, particularly a quality Carlsberg at its production plant in Shah Alam.

From the moment guests set foot at Probably the Best Lounge, they were offered a set of welcome brews that consists of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Somersby Apple Cider, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc and premium draught Connor’s Stout Porter. Simulataneously, they were presented a product brochure featuring Carlsberg Malaysia’s international portfolio of beer, cider, stout, craft beers and non-alcoholic brands.

Upon learning more about the Carlsberg Malaysia’s brewery and brands through an insightful and interesting presentation, guests were ushered to a guided sensory experience at Probably The Best Gallery where they got to see, touch, smell and taste the quality natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water through the presentation on the Art of Brewing presentation.

Diving deeper on other types of beer, brewing methods of our Premium Draught Stout, Connor’s; French Premium Wheat Beer, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc; and the new range of craft beers under our belt, Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn East India Pale Ale were also introduced.

It was truly a unique ex-beer-ience for our visitors from Sabah and Sarawak. To most of them, it was their first time visiting a beer manufacturing plant, getting a whiff of the aroma of hops, understanding the role of yeast in beer as well as touching and tasting the malt used in brewing Carlsberg beers. Venturing further throughout the brewery tour experience, consumers will witness for themselves as they see how beers are bottled and packaged straight from the production machineries.

Living up to Carlsberg’s brand promise of Probably The Best, guests enjoyed the full-fledge of Carlsberg Malaysia’s brews at Probably The Best Lounge while keeping themselves entertained with fun-filled games and activities like the electronic dart machine iDarts and electronic beer-table tennis iPong as well as belting out their favorite numbers on the Karaoke machine too.

Come and experience for your yourself Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Brewery Tour and invite your friends to join too! Book Your Tour Now to learn the Art of Making Beer with Carlsberg Malaysia by heading to


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A truly engaging and sensory experience for visitors when they embark on Carlsberg's Probably The Best Brewery Tour

Beer lovers and consumers discover the Art of Brewing at Carlsberg Malaysia

Carlsberg Malaysia

Display of beers at Probably The Best Lounge

Probably The Best Brewery Tour by Carlsberg gives beer lovers an insight to the Art of Making Beer

Probably The Best Lounge can entertain guests with games such as electronic darts, beer pong and karaoke machine

Welcome brews for visitors upon arrival at Probably The Best Lounge