Carlsberg Malaysia Support Education Through An English Essentials Programme

Kajang, 15th October 2011 – Carlsberg Malaysia in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, introduced its support to the Indian community with an English Essentials programme. This newly introduced educational programme is fully sponsored by the company, who focuses on enhancing the usage of the English language as a subject for Tamil school children.

The Press Conference was held at the Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Kajang’s newly built school hall, saw an astounding crowd attendance of approximately 100 people including teachers and headmasters. The Chairman of the Tamil School Headmaster Council Mr. P.S. Doraisamy and his team were also at the event to lend their support.

The Deputy Managing Director, Dato’ Chin Voon Loong shared: “Carlsberg Malaysia has always believed in ‘Sharing with the Community on an Unconditional Basis’. We not only place the excellence in the quality of our products, but also operating our business in a manner that is socially responsible.”

To kick off the conference, traditional melodies filled the hall as a group of students performed their cultural dance. During the launch, Dato’ Chin Voon Loong officiated the English Essentials Programme 2012 by lighting an oil lamp in the middle of a paisley ‘kolam’. As a gesture of appreciation, Dato’ Chin was draped a silk sash over his shoulders by Mr. P. S. Doraisamy which is deemed the highest admiration among the Indian community

Through this English Essentials Programme, a series of training sessions were held for teachers in August while the programme for students will be conducted in 2012. A total of 100,000 workbook copies will be distributed to 282 Tamil Schools which will benefit as many as 9,000 students and 500 teachers. The workbooks comprised of 11 volumes and will be part of their training in 2012.

Carlsberg Malaysia has been involved in various other CSR efforts in support of education which also include school fees contributions and the Back to School Projects which sponsored 4,000 sets of school bags and water tumblers to numerous students from the Tamil primary schools.

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