Carlsberg Celebrates Probably The Best Birthday Ever

Carlsberg’s 170th anniversary celebrated the Danish way with consumers, customers, shareholders, media and employees

Shah Alam, 17 November 2017 – Hundreds of Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Brewery Tour contest winners, their friends as well as key stakeholders of Carlsberg Malaysia enjoyed a unique exBEERience at the brewery. They got to see, hear, touch, smell and taste for themselves what actually comes from beer at Probably The Best Lounge and Probably The Best Brewhouse in Shah Alam. Held over the last four months leading to Carlsberg’s 170th birthday on 10 November 2017, the brewer hosted many VIP brewery tours as part of the anniversary celebration in Danish-style for approximately 1,800 consumers, 100 key customers, 90 shareholders, 300 members of the press and 500 employees. It was Probably The Best Birthday celebration ever!

Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Lars Lehmann said, “Friday, November 10 marks 170 years since the very first beer was brewed at the Carlsberg brewery in Valby, Copenhagen. We wish to celebrate Carlsberg’s yesteryears’ and today’s achievements, and toast to its future with people that matters a lot to us – our consumers, customers and shareholders, media and employees. The anniversary celebration kicked-off with Probably The Best Brewery Tour campaign started in August accumulating to a grand birthday party where we serve Probably the Longest Birthday Cake, a traditional Danish layer cake introduced in Denmark at the same time as the Carlsberg pilsner in the late 1800s.”

Birthday party props and Danish flags were decked up at Probably The Best Lounge as the brewer celebrated Carlsberg’s 170 years-young with employees over a special luncheon cum town hall. In the evening, key customers embarked on a VIP exBEERience brewery tour. Highlight of both parties was truly memorable when everyone sang a birthday song for Carlsberg before blowing off 170 candles on Probably The Longest Danish Birthday Cake. Besides enjoying the beer-infused dishes, an array of Danish pastries, entertaining live band performance and beer-games, guests had great fun and conversations with Probably the Best Beer in the World – Carlsberg and Probably the Smoothest Beer in the World – Carlsberg Smooth Draught in their hands.

At Probably The Best Brew House, guests went behind-the-scenes of the brewing process as Piotr Zajac, Master Brewer cum Supply Chain Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, showcased the natural quality ingredients used to make a Carlsberg – malt/grains, hops, yeast and water. At the sensory room, consumers tasted beer liquids with and without hop leaf, with and without inclusion of yeast as well as purified beer.

Consumers expectation necessitates the very best natural quality ingredients. Carlsberg’s art of brewing has been developed and perfected over the last 170 years. At the brew house, all guests had a chance to sneak-a-peek at four massive tanks, namely mash kettle, mash filter, wort kettle and whirlpool. They were then chauffeured in style to the Visitor’s Gallery where they witnessed thousands of bottles and cans running on the packaging lines at the production facilities.

Contest winner Carmen Cheng and her friends said: “We are so excited as this is our first time visiting a brewery! The visit to the brew house was our favourite part of the tour.” Carmen, who is a food science student, added. “Now we know that hop brings aroma, yeast releases alcohol and filtration creates bright beer! Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Brewery Tour is an experience like no other.”

Malacca consumer Kesawan Raman shared, “My friends and I are so excited when I got the winning bottle cap. I have been a long-time Carlsberg drinker but beer taste-tasting, and seeing how it was produced from brewing tanks to the packaging lines was truly remarkable! Now, I can enjoy my beer knowing it is brewed with best quality.”

There were some lucky few, whose birthday fell on the day of their tour, celebrated their birthday in style. A guest of a contest winner, only wanted to be known as Ng, was stunned when the birthday song was sung. “My last trip here was in the 1970s. I never thought that I would be here again for such an exclusive tour today – not to mention celebrating my birthday here! I’m very, very happy. Thank you, Carlsberg!”

Saroja Ramalingam and husband, Vijay Kumar, have been Carlsberg’s shareholders for over 10 years. It was a pleasant surprise when they bounced into their neighbour, Shirley Tan, who is also a shareholder, at the VIP brewery tour. Vijay said, “This is the first brewery tour for my family and we truly enjoyed Carlsberg’s hospitality and branded facilities. Our visit to the visitor gallery was an eye-opening experience.” Shirley exclaimed, “We are loving the exBeerience. Thank you, Carlsberg, for hosting us to Probably The Best VIP Brewery Tour!”

When Carlsberg celebrates birthday, it is #ProbablyTheBest!

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Carlsberg Malaysia celebrated Carlsberg’s 170th anniversary of its first brew in Danish style with its employees and customers on 10 November.

Piotr Zajac, Master Brewer cum Supply Chain Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, hosted VIP guests at Probably the Best Brew House.

VIP guests had a chance to see, touch, smell and taste the natural quality ingredients in beer making at Carlsberg.

Probably the Best Brewery Tour winners and friends enjoying the VIP hospitality at Probably the Best Lounge.

Long time Carlsberg drinkers, Kesawan Raman (far left) and friends, received personalised beer towers during Probably the Best Brewery Tour.

Managing Director Lars Lehmann (far right) and Marketing Director Charles Wong (far left) posed with lucky few who celebrated birthday in VIP style during Probably the Best Brewery Tour.

An evening of exBEERience for Carlsberg’s shareholders. Shirley Tan (far left), Kong Choy Kwai (second left), Saroja Ramalingam (fourth left), Tan Saik Kuen (second right), Vijay Kumar (far right).