Be Part of Probably the Best Research in the World

Track Our Beer Journey and Get Rewarded with Beer

Shah Alam, 1 September, 2016 – In the first-of-its-kind exercise, Carlsberg is calling 16,000 volunteers to be part of its journey to marketplace through this Probably the Best Research in the World. We are engaging your help to track the journey of Carlsberg beer from our brewery to your beer glass. All you need to do is enjoy a bottled Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught while finding the marked bottle cap and be rewarded with a carton of the brews. Now aren’t you convinced this is Probably the Best Research in the World?

We at Carlsberg Malaysia brews more than 200,000 litres of Carlsberg beer and send them to big cities or small towns nationwide daily. This translated to at least 750,000 bottles transported by 16 x 40-footer trucks in a day. That’s a lot of beers to move, daily. As part of its endless quest of continuous improvement, Carlsberg decided that instead of appointing a research agency to conduct this research; the brand prefers to engage its loyal drinkers to embark on this research journey.

“One word to sum up this campaign? Semper Ardens – that’s Carlsberg’s motto of ‘always burning’ dedication in continuous improvement. Carlsberg has to live up to its brand promise where we strive to deliver the best to our consumers. Speed to the market has always been the backbone behind our sales force for generations as we do our best to ensure the beer reaches you quickest possible. Don’t just take our word for it… After all, it’s all about consumer feedback and transparency. We have you, our “researchers” to keep our wits in check," said Juliet Yap, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

So, what does a beer research volunteer need to do? All he or she needs to do is to sample a bottled Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught and seek out the bottle cap with a specific printed production code containing information on the bottle’s production details. The specific production code on the bottle cap indicates the actual production batch of the beer. When it was returned it to Carlsberg Malaysia, the brewer will compute the time it takes for Carlsberg beer to reach you.

If one finds the specific bottle cap, he or she is required to submit it back to us and complete a survey form. For his or her good luck and effort, volunteer will be rewarded with a carton (24 cans x 320ml) of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught. It is as simple as that!

This campaign is open to non-Muslims, 18 and above. You can pledge your voluntary efforts until 31 October 2016. This research is specifically for Carlsberg (big and small bottles); and Carlsberg Smooth Draught (big bottles). These bottles are available in modern on-trade establishments such as pubs, bars and clubs; traditional on-trade establishments such as coffeeshops, food courts and seafood restaurants. Something tells us there will be no shortage of applicants who want to “research” the beer journey! For more details, head over to


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