An Exquisite French Taste For An International Gourmet Festival

SELANGOR, 26 August 2013 – Carlsberg Malaysia is proud to announce its involvement as the official beer sponsor, for the 3rd consecutive year, in the 2013 Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF). The spectacular month long food fair will see Carlsberg Malaysia’s No.1 French Premium beer, Kronenbourg 1664 participate in an assortment of culinary activities complementing the annual culinary fiesta.

Known as the Champagne of beers, Kronenbourg 1664 lager and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is the beer of choice that offers an exquisite drinking experience to discerning drinkers who indulge in food and beer pairing. Kronenbourg 1664 is a smooth rounded beer and has a sparkling mouth-feel with a tinge of bitterness while Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc presents a lighter sweetness combining the flavours of coriander and clove, both of which brings out the best textures in an array of foods.

Further enhancing the experience of the gastronomic affair, there will be specially designed menus that bring out the best in both food and drink in few of the participating outlets.

Each pairing of flavours and style tantalises the palate with a spectacular epicurean delight that is guaranteed to entice the taste buds of food connoisseurs around town.

“Our partnership with MIGF and has enabled us to showcase our portfolio of premium beers and innovation within the food and beer pairing activities here in Malaysia. We are very excited to present Kronenbourg 1664, the No.1 French beer around the world as the preferred alcohol beverage of all penchants and occasions,” commented Juliet Yap, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

The festival will showcase a cut above the rest with cuisines from 30 of the finest nation’s restaurants. The symphony of different cultures infused in cutting edge cooking skills will provide food enthusiasts a fine experience. Coupled with Kronenbourg 1664 lager and Blanc, it will be an event full of good taste.

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